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‘We Not Surprised’: Tiny Harris Approves of T.I. Making an OnlyFans, But He’s Not Here for It

R&B icon Tameka “Tiny” Harris recently entertained the idea of having an OnlyFans account, but not for herself, for her hubby T.I.

The Xscape singer made an appearance on Fox Soul’s “The Mix” on Wednesday, Oct. 7, and gave her take about people and different celebrities starting pages on OnlyFans — a subscription service that features mostly adult content and allows content creators to earn money from subscribers.

“They out there getting a lot of money off the same things they would’ve been doing, I guess, anyway, but just not people seeing them,” said Tiny. “I’ve never personally visited an OnlyFans page yet for real, so I don’t know exactly how it’s going, but I hear things, and it seems like everybody’s making so much money that I really can’t hate on it, because I haven’t seen it anyways.”

Tiny Harris
Tiny Harris appears on “The Mix.” Fox Sou/YouTube screenshot

When “The Mix” executive producer was asked if she would allow T.I. to create a page on the London-based content subscription service, she initially said no.

“No, nope, nope,” the songstress said before switching up her answer. “I mean, no, I take that back. As long as I can approve it, hey, I ain’t trippin’. He’s a little sex symbol.”

After getting a mixed reaction from the show’s cast, Tiny later clarified her answer. She said she’s OK with the “King” rapper uploading sexy pics of himself “like working out,” but nothing pornographic.

Tiny Harris and T.I. (Photo: @majorgirl/Instagram)

Social media side-eyed the star’s response and gave their own opinions.

“I like the Harris fam. But Idc how confident you are in your marriage, some s–t should NOT be allowed in your household. Where were her morals saying that? 🤦🏾‍♂️.”

“He done did everything he wasn’t supposed to do in a marriage. having an only fans is really the minimum.”

“She would let him have a whole different wife and still be with him. We not surprised 😭.”

T.I. also disagreed with his wife’s answer and wrote, “GTFOHWTBS!!” which means “get the f–k out of here with that bulls–t!!”


T.I. and Tiny have been married for 10 years and share a blended family of seven children. The mother of four did file for divorce twice from the rap artist in 2016 and 2017, but they eventually reconciled in their marriage.

Tiny has received criticism for staying with her husband after his affair with another woman. When asked how she deals with the backlash, she said she doesn’t pay attention to critics.

“I don’t really pay [the criticism] no attention,” Tiny told Chicago’s WGCI radio station in July 2019. “I am OK. … It’s not like … ‘I’m OK with you cheating,’ but I know that is in this industry, it’s going to be tough to, you know, keep it all the way together.”

“So, you know, if [the relationship issues are] workable, if there’s still some love there, if we still feel like [being together] is what we wanna do, then this is what we should do,” she added.

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