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‘This Is Absolutely Amazing’: Kandi Burruss Brags on Her Little Math Genius Ace Wells Tucker

**’What’s the Secret?’: Fans Applaud Kandi and Todd Tucker’s Parenting Skills After Seeing Couple’s Son Do This

**’Definitely Advanced!’: Kandi Burruss’ ‘Math Genius’ Son Ace Tucker’s Problem-Solving Skills Shock Fans

Someone call Mensa, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker may have a little genius on their hands! The couple’s 4-year-old son Ace Wells Tucker is already solving math problems, which “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star admits is miles ahead of where she was at his age.

Ace Wells Tucker, with a boost from mom Kandi Burrus, is already becoming a little mathematician at just 4 years old! (Photo: @kandi/Instagram)

Kandi’s proud mom mode was activated in a social post in which Ace works out a multi-step addition problem right before viewers’ eyes. In the background, his dad Todd can be heard giving him a nice introduction before little Ace proceeds to tackle his workbook. “OK, guys, look at this. Ace is doing three-step math problems, and he is doing really great,” Tucker says at the beginning of the video. “Do the next one, Ace, show them.”

Kandi bragged on her baby in her post caption, admitting that when she was his age she knew more about her grandma’s soaps than schoolwork.

“My baby @acetucker is doing 4 step math problems at 4 years old,” wrote the Old Lady Gang boss. “I wasn’t in school at 4. I was sitting at my grandma house watching soap operas. 🤣 He’s way ahead of the game! Start them early. 📚📕📘.”

Fans were stunned by Ace’s progress and gave major props to the couple for providing him with the love and support that are allowing him to flourish at a young age.

“This is absolutely amazing 💯👍🏾,” commented a follower.

“Awesome Ace💕 little genius🔥,” a second complimented.

“Ace is polite and smart 💪🏾 good job @kandi and @todd167,” commended a third. “Blaze walking now🤷🏿‍♂️ what’s the secret 😂.”

“Gooooood job!!!! Awwww I LOVE to see children learn 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽,” a fourth applauded.

“He definitely advanced! Great job educating him.🙌💯,” praised a fifth.

Kandi and Todd Tucker’s son Ace beams with pride after successfully solving a math problem. (@kandi/Instagram)

Ace is Todd and Kandi’s oldest child together. The two are also parents to 10-month-old daughter Blaze. Both Kandi and Todd also have young adult daughters from previous relationships, 18-year-old Riley Burruss and 24-year-old Kalea Tucker, respectively.

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