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‘Girl That Outfit Is a Mess’: Malaysia Pargo’s New Look Has Fans Questioning Her Fashion Choices

Basketball Wives: LA” star Malaysia Pargo had fans questioning her fashion choices on Saturday when she was caught on Instagram wearing orange leggings with a neon green leopard print design and a black crop top.

She captioned the Oct. 3 post, which generated over 26,000 likes, “STRONG WOMEN… only intimidate weak Men.” The reality star accessorized the look with black sunglasses, hooped earrings, and a red lip. This outfit caused Pargo’s fans to be at odds in her comments section.

Malaysia Pargo makes a statement about strong women. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

Some fans raved over the 40-year-old’s new look.

“Love this outfit 🔥.”

“🔥🔥 You better work it !!”

“Love those leggings 😍.”

But others critiqued the bold fashion statement to smithereens.

“Girl this outfit a mess.”

“If this the new trend im staying home.”

“Anyone going to tell @malaysiainthecity she needs a stylist 🙌its getting out of hand!!love her but not her outfits👎.”

Malaysia Pargo is all smiles and strutting her stuff. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

The TV personality has always been a risk-taker when it comes to exploring new looks, especially if it’s something that helps accentuates her curves that she has worked so hard to maintain. The one outfit that seems to be hugging every single curve was a black turtleneck paired with a Burberry wrap and thigh-high high-heeled leopard print boots. She captioned the Sept. 25 jaw-dropping photo “I’m gone ride this Single Wave until I meet someone as real as Me 🦸🏽‍♀️… #goddessvibes.”

The mother of three has been very vocal about the importance of health and wellness while also doing anything she can to keep her waist snatched. Pargo showed her 2.7 million followers months ago that not even the pandemic can stop her from missing a workout. The reality star captioned the March 18 upload of a snap of herself doing a lunge on a yoga mat, “OH No Rona, I’ve been doing Good!!! I’m trying to stay away from the figure out different ways to workout.Today’s workout: Yoga on the balcony.”

Whether fans love her looks or hate them, when it comes to fashion Pargo will always move at the beat of her own drum.

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