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T.I. Is at a Loss for Words When Trying to Explain the Meaning of His Song ‘Rubber Band Man’ to Children

It seems that T.I. is never short on words, often expressing his views in his music, his “ExpediTIously” podcast, and on social media. But the rapper was briefly tongue-tied when he stopped by the show “Arts & Raps,” when kid hosts Zaria Kelley and Dilan Patton asked him why he’s called the “Rubber Band Man.”

The term is taken from T.I.’s 2003 hit single of the same name, a song where he talks about being a skilled street hustler.

T.I. was asked by children to explain the meaning of his 2003 song “Rubber Band Man” during an interview. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram)

“In a land far, far away called Campbellton Road, times before what I’m doing right now, I had to, I had to kind of fulfill my financial needs in the area of manufacturing and distribution of illegal pharmaceuticals,” T.I. said at the 1:22 mark. The interview was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, Sept. 29.

“Big words we don’t even understand,” Patton answered.

“Don’t even worry about it. Let’s just say I had to keep my money in my pockets neat,” T.I. replied.

In the comments, many said they were highly impressed with the young hosts and anticipate big things for their careers down the road. Others, meanwhile, got a kick out of T.I. being put on the spot.

The children then asked T.I. to define the word “Pimp” during the interview, they asked him about his former beef with Texas rapper Lil’ Flip, and about owning a strip club, which he denied.

“TI been in many of court rooms and never felt this pressed 😂😂,” one person wrote on YouTube.

“They came with the SMOKE…and Troubleman was in trouble, man,” a second comment read.

“He duckn them questions expeditiously,” someone else wrote.

“Rubber Band Man,” produced by Mississippi rapper David Banner, is off T.I.’s sophomore album “Trap Muzik.” The song spent 17 weeks on the Billboard charts and peaked at No. 14. The single also helped T.I. earn his first platinum-selling LP.

The rapper’s last album was 2018’s “Dime Trap” and his next is called “The Libra,” which he announced on Sept. 25 of this year, on his 40th birthday.

He also released the project’s first single called “Ring” on that same day, which features Young Thug.

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