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‘Why So Mean?’: ‘LHHNY’ Star Peter Gunz Posts His Co-Star Cisco for National Son’s Day, and Amina Has Questions

Uh-oh! It looks like there’s still trouble in the “Creep Squad” between Peter Gunz and Cisco Rosado.

The two “Love and Hip Hop New York” stars have been at each other’s throats for a while now, and nine times out of 10 they’re still beefing over Gunz’s ex-wife Amina Buddafly.

The father of 11 jumped on Instagram on Monday, Sept. 28, and reposted a picture of Rosado for National Son’s Day, writing, “Damm I almost forgot it’s National Son day… I would lie and say I’m proud of you son but I’m trying to do better with the lying.. Anyway f–k you..”

Peter Gunz
Peter Gunz posts Cisco Rosado for National Son’s Day. @petergunz/Instagram

His post definitely sparked a reaction from Buddafly, who commented, “Why so mean though.” Gunz responded, “You know why.”


The “We Will Ball” rapper alluded to his huge blowup with Rosado on the last season of “LHHNY” that aired this year.

On the March 9 episode, Rosado told Gunz that Buddafly stayed a night over his house after a Super Bowl party in Atlanta. He insisted that nothing happened and the singer apparently needed a place to stay after a friend left her stranded.

However, Gunz was upset Rosado didn’t give him a courtesy call about Buddafly’s stay and prompted him to say, “So let me ask you this. So I can call your baby moms right now and tell her to come stay with me for the weekend? ’Cause I could do that. You know I can.”

Moments later, a fight broke out between the two men, and the rest is history.

Buddafly hasn’t really spoken much about the situation except for confirming she didn’t sleep with Rosado. As for Gunz’s recent post, fans had mixed reactions.

“Damnnnn Peter that’s cold 🥶🤣 He must have really pissed you off. Y’all should try to make amends though.”

“This is hilarious😂..however u Sir, are a founding father of the Creep Squad. U cant be mad at ANY MAN for ANYTHING they do just cuz its UR woman they’re doin it the rules r different?? Just be quiet…😂”

“I don’t think Amina and Cisco sleep together Peter shouldn’t be made all that s–t he did to his wife and mother of his 2 kids yea ok next ⭕️”

Peter Gunz
Cisco Rosado (left) and Peter Gunz (right). (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)
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