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‘This Is a Victorious Day’: Police Officer Who Choked Former NFL Player Desmond Marrow Pleads Guilty

David Rose, a former police officer in Henry County, Georgia, who was fired for choking ex-NFL player Desmond Marrow in 2017, pleaded guilty to a charge relating to the incident and is now banned from being a police officer.

On Monday, Sept. 28, Rose pleaded guilty to one count of simple battery, which was announced by the Henry County District Attorney’s Office in a press release. Rose was also sentenced to one year of probation, has to do 40 hours of community service, must complete an anger management class and had to give up his law enforcement certification.

Former Henry County ,Georgia police officer David Rose (L) pleaded guilty to choking former NFL player Desmond Marrow (R). (Photo: @ibeattheodds_/Instagram / @ibeattheodds_/Instagram)

“This is a victorious day in our eyes. What is even more significant is that he surrendered his post certification, which allows you to be a police officer,” said L. Chris Stewart, Marrow’s attorney, according to WAGA-TV Fox 5 Atlanta. “We see that as the greatest victory in this entire situation.”

The incident between Rose, who’s white, and Marrow, a Black man, occurred on Dec. 2, 2017, after the former officer responded to a call that said Marrow and a driver of another vehicle were driving aggressively in a Target parking lot.

The arrest, which was captured on video and went viral in 2018, shows Rose grabbing a handcuffed Marrow’s neck and choking him while he was on the ground.

“I can’t breathe,” Marrow can be heard saying.

Later, Rose was captured on his police car camera admitting that he choked the former NFL player, but would omit that part of the arrest from his report. Rose was fired in 2018 for the incident after being on the force for three years.

Marrow said later on his Facebook page the arresting officers believed that he had a gun, but he was just carrying a cell phone in his pocket. The former cornerback also said the officers caused him to have a concussion, they sprained his shoulder, and knocked out some of his teeth.

Six months after the incident, Rose was arrested and hit with several charges, including false official writings, simple battery, felony obstruction of a law enforcement officer and terroristic threats. The felony charge was dismissed as part of his plea deal.

Marrow, who filed a civil suit against Henry County, said the incident harmed his marriage and gym business. But it also made him strong in a spiritual way, he added.

“What the enemy meant to be my downfall turned out to be the Greatest victory of my life 💯🤝,” he wrote on Instagram Monday, Sept. 28. “God is good today I didn’t win …WE made history today won thank you for supporting me this happened dec 2nd 2017 and I’ve learned Patience Gratefulness To be humble trust God and I Finally Won after all my L’s”

Marrow signed a contract in 2012 with the Houston Texans before being cut in the preseason. He also played football at the University of Toledo.

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