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Fans Call Marjorie Harvey ‘Filthy Rich’ After Seeing Her Take a Stroll with Her Grandchild In the House

Marjorie Harvey posted a picture on Saturday of her spending time with her grandchild.  Ooing and ahhing at the photo, fans were impressed with seeing Marjorie take her grandchild for a stroll, not outside, but inside the house.

The picture shows Marjorie dressed down in all black, wearing just a T-shirt and some leggings. With her hair up in a simple ponytail, the picture also revealed Marjorie walking around barefoot. Although she never said explicitly she was walking around in her own house, fans assumed that that was the case after seeing her shoeless and in her comfortable outfit.

Marjorie Harvey. (Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

The picture not only shows Marjorie and her grandchild, but it also shows a big hallway with beige marble floors. The nude-colored hallway, which seems to split off into other rooms, is decorated with pictures and pillars.

Adding to the grandeur appearance of the photo is the stroller. Fans took notice in the black and white pram stroller commenting, “It’s the ENGLISH PRAM and the fact that WE CAN TAKE A WALK IN THA HOUSE for me!!”

Many people wrote that the pram-style carriage gave a “classy” touch to the photo.

Another admirer added, “I can’t get over the fact the hallway so big you can stroll a baby in it.”

“Imagine having a house like that,” another fan asked, “That’s like a fairy tale home!”

Pointing out their wealth, one fan wrote, “When grandma is filthy rich.”

One fan wrote her comment in the form of a question aimed at Marjorie. She jokingly asked, “Why you walking around in a museum with no shoes on?”

Although Marjorie did not specify which one of her grandchildren was in this photo, it is assumed that the child is her newest granddaughter, Joey Iris Harvey.

On Thursday, Aug. 5, Marjorie posted a photo welcoming the newborn and introducing her to the world.

Her caption reads, “Nana has another little angel 😇 Joey Iris Harvey.”

With their granddaughter being the newest addition to their family, that makes Steve Harvey and Marjorie the grandparents of six.

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