‘She Looks Different’: Fans Are In Disbelief Over Chris Brown’s Mother’s Latest Photo

Joyce Hawkins, Chris Brown’s mom, is catching the attention of many people on social media with her youthful appearance. On Wednesday, Sept. 23, the artist’s mom posted a picture on Instagram that left followers with quite a shock.

Her selfie photo showed her looking straight at the camera in an effortless half up-half down ‘do, rocking her big silver hoops and light makeup.

Joyce Hawkins (Photo: @mombreezyofficial/Instagram)


Many Instagramers took notice in how it looks like Hawkins is reversing in age saying, “Wow your aging backwards.”

“No way! She looks different. She looks good BUT different,” said another follower.

Some people took their disbelief a step further and credited her ageless look to plastic surgery, a facelift, or even Photoshop.

“Look like she’s been tucked and pulled. Nevertheless she looks nice,” one person said.

Another person wrote, “Facelift on point.”

One expressive admirer commented, “Umm I never saw Chris Brown’s mama before. But DAYUM she fine az hell!!!!”

Besides being Chris Brown’s mom and a grandma, Hawkins has been busy starting her own clothing brand called Rose Marron. Her line features clothing for children, tie-dye pieces, jumpsuits and more.

In an interview with Pascal on his show, “The Pascal Show,” Hawkins details her journey with designing clothes and even shows off a few pieces.

She says, “I’ve had a desire or passion for fashion for a long time. Because when I was a teenager, my sister used to be a tailor; she used to just sew and I would create stuff that I wanted to wear. I was like ‘can you make me this, can you make me that.’ “

She proceeded to say that the outfit that she thought of would be made by her sister and she would then wear her outfits to the club.

In late August, Hawkins held a live stream fashion show for her clothing brand. The virtual event was used to showcase her latest pieces, performances and giveaways.

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