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Chris Brown Issued Warning After His Mother Posts New Photos

**Chris Brown’s Mom Is Goin’ Up With Fans Who Lust Over Her Photo Shoot Pics

Chris Brown is certainly no stranger to women leaving lustful messages on his social media pages, but he probably isn’t accustomed to men leaving similar comments for his mom.

The singer’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, recently shared some pictures from one of her photo shoots, and the men went crazy.

Chris Brown sent a warning after men lust after his mother.


One image shows Hawkins wearing a pair of Daisy Duke shorts, some thigh-high leopard boots, and a see-through top with a black brassiere underneath. She also rocks long hair, nearly down to her waist, and some might say she didn’t look old enough to be Chris’ mom, let alone a grandmother to his daughter Royalty.

In a second photo, Hawkins wears a pair of lace pants while holding a glass of wine and posing seductively.

It’s not clear if the photo shoot was for a publication or if Mama Breezy just wanted to have some professional shots done, but the men didn’t care either way, they just loved the images.

“Sexy as hell,” one person wrote.

“My lawd,” wrote someone else, while another person threw subtlety completely out of the window with his comment.

“I want to have sex with you,” he wrote.

Chris hasn’t commented on men lusting after his mom yet, but that may change in the very near future. There were some people, however, who sent the singer a warning and told him to watch out for his mom because she’s a wanted woman.

“You better give your mama some recognition ’cause she is looking like some fine wine,” one person wrote.

“Chris about to take her phone,” wrote someone else.

Chris Brown sent a warning after men lust after his mother.


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