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Tamar Braxton Talks Self-Love and Mental Health as She Makes Her First Post Since Drama with Her Ex-Boyfriend

Tamar Braxton breaks her silence just days after her ex David accused her of domestic violence. In an Instagram post made on Sept. 21, Braxton pens a message to God and opens up about her battle with mental health.

In the Instagram photo, there is a shot of Braxton taken from the back while she is holding up a mirror. The mirror shows her face as she smiles with bright red lipstick and gold eye shadow on.

Tamar Braxton. (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

The caption starts, “God thank you for saving me! You know my true heart. Despite what the world may think of me, you kept me here for a reason. You are a God of second chances, and this second chance I won’t take for granted. The world can often be a dark place but I must resort to you for my light.”

The caption continues with her directing the next part of her message to the “ladies” and transitioning the topic to self-love. The singer talks about how putting time and love into a job and those close to oneself can make people “forget to love” themselves.

She then touches on the seriousness of mental health and what the battle looks like. Mental illness is something Braxton has opened up about earlier this year after reportedly being hospitalized for a purported suicide attempt in July.

She writes, “I have been battling mental health for some time now, and Let me tell y’all is not a joke. Nor is it a reason for anyone to call you ‘crazy.’”

Her next words share her feelings toward how Black women are treated within the industry. She states that “Black women are undervalued and unprotected” and that she would like to “personally fight” for them.

She wraps her message up with writing about her journey moving forward.

She says, “I am on a never ending battle to be the best Tamar Braxton I can be. God has brought me through alot so I would like to pass it on to use my voice to help brown women and ALL women in these similar situations. We all have the opportunity to evolve. For now on it’s me vs me.”

This message comes nearly two weeks after her ex-boyfriend, David Adefeso, claimed that Braxton hit him in his “jugular” as he was driving his Rolls-Royce. A day before that, a report from The Blast revealed that sources close to Braxton accused Adefeso of threatening to kill her in what was cited as a “murder-suicide” threat. That was reported just hours after TMZ broke the story that Adefeso had filed a restraining order against Braxton for domestic violence.

Braxton has yet to respond to the domestic violence allegations.

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