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‘My Brother’s Homies Are Like My Friends’: Brandy Turns Down Joe Budden After He Tried to Get Ray J to Hook Them Up

It looks like Brandy has no interest in dating Joe Budden.

The podcaster recently made a pass at the Grammy Award-winning singer and it was definitely a no-go. Ray J appeared on a segment of Budden’s podcast on Sept. 4, and that’s when the Harlem native revealed he had a slight crush on the “One Wish” singer’s sister.

After Ray responded affirmatively to Budden’s question about whether Brandy is single, saying that she “needs a nice, good, wholesome guy that’s gonna be honest,” Budden said on-air, “I love Brandy. … I might need to pull up.”

Brandy and Joe Budden. (Photos:, @nsilva/Instagram)

Well, it seems Brandy doesn’t share those same feelings for the retired rapper. In an interview with Power 106 on Monday, Sept. 14, the “Cinderella” star made it clear that she had no interest in dating one of her little brother’s friends.

“No, ’cause my brother’s homies are like my brothers, my friends. So no,” said Brandy.

Social media also isn’t here for the “Moesha” actress dating Budden.

“He knows darn well he’s not good enough for no Brandy. Because if you hit her the hood is coming for you.”

“Tactful way of saying I don’t want him 😂.”

“All of that inner peace brandy exudes will disappear if she deals with joe. She gives me wife vibes and Joe not gone cut it.”

“I dont want Joe around brandy, she already had her breakdown, and I want her to live🤞🏾.”

Budden trying to shoot his shot at Brandy comes a week after he was accused of physically abusing his ex-fiancée Cyn Santana.

Cyn Santana
Joe Budden and Cyn Santana. @joebudden/Instagram

In a leaked phone conversation posted online by Budden’s former friend Raqi Thunda, Santana claimed that Budden chased and dragged her around their home.

Budden, however, seemingly denied the domestic abuse allegations and addressed them in a cryptic tweet he posted on Sept. 8. Following the news, a fan tagged Budden and wrote, “Bro idk who you pissed off but the smear campaign is crazy @JoeBudden.”

The father of two responded, “You can’t kill nothing that’s ready to die.”

Santana also addressed the leaked audio in a nine-minute Instagram video and wrote, “I dont play about my family and I most definitely don’t play about my son. Mind y’all business. Love 🙏🏽.”
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