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‘Ain’t Complaining’: Cynthia Bailey Claps Back at Trolls for Weight Comment, Fans Express Support

Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey received support from followers after clapping back at trolls on Sept. 14.

This all began when Bailey posted a new photo on that day wearing an all-black ensemble captioned, “Black on Black✊🏾.” While many fans gushed over the look, one troll told the reality star to “lose some weight,” to which she riposted by saying that her fiancé “@mikehill ain’t complaining.” When another troll commented, “You’ve gained the covid15,” the model jokingly said, “actually the covid-20.”

Cynthia Bailey claps back at trolls for criticizing her weight in a new photo where she is wearing an all-black ensemble. (Photo: @cynthiabailey/Instagram)

Following the insensitive responses, many of Bailey’s followers posted words of encouragement to the 53-year-old.

One fan said, “sis stay steadfast in your glow up because any haters trying to bring you down are already below you!They are simply your confirmation that you are doing it right and very well! Keep rising to the top and give it all you got!!! You look AMAZING! 🔥🔥🔥.”

“Some of these comments are horrible. We are suppose to be lifting each other up not tearing each other down. Cynthia you been fly 🔥,” a second fan wrote.

A third fan replied, “You look fabulous as usual! I’m so tired of negative folks. 🤬 I guess their momma didn’t teach them to remain quiet if they have nothing nice to say. Anyway, thx for representing for the 50 and fabulous club! The hate is real when you still look 30! 👍🏾❤️.”

It’s no secret that Bailey has gained weight during self-quarantine. In a recent interview with Hollywood Life, the reality star opened up about her weight loss journey. The “RHOA” star said when she was able to return to her lake house in Georgia after quarantining in California she was able to control what she consumed. “I was able to kind of manage my food a little bit better because I didn’t have my family with me, and, honestly, some days I didn’t even eat as much as before.”

Cynthia Bailey was admiring her weight loss with managing her diet and intermittent fasting. (Photo: @cynthiabailey/Instagram)

She also credited intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting can include eating within an 8-hour window and fasting for 16 hours. The model said “I started out just not eating anything until after 4 (p.m.), which was easy enough. I’m pretty busy during the pandemic now with work stuff, so that was pretty easy for me. Then I would just eat maybe two healthy meals later that evening and that was it, and I just started slimming down. It was pretty awesome! I didn’t realize how good I actually looked until I put on a two-piece. I was like, ‘Wait a minute! I actually look OK!’”

Back in March, many fans took notice of the 53-year-old’s fuller figure as she turned her kitchen into a runway while strutting to Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go.” She was clearly unbothered by the comments, because shortly afterward she posted a photo of her fiancé Mike Hill keeping her entertained.

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