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T.I. Tells Black Folks to Buy Land and Not Material Items with Their Government Stimulus Checks

T.I. told Black people to think practically when it comes to receiving stimulus checks from the government during the coronavirus pandemic, and avoid using that money to purchase things like pricey clothes that have far less value.

“All ya’ll getting all this money from the government, all that PPP, SBA, all that s—t, listen, man, ain’t no more mink coats in the store, and it’s summertime, ain’t that some s–t,” said the rapper in an Instagram video posted on Wednesday, Sept. 9. “Ain’t no more Cartiers, it ain’t no more Louboutins, no more Louis.”

He continued. “Go get you some property, please. Please ya’ll, go buy some property … It can be a patch of dirt. Go to your hood and find [it]. It ain’t gotta have no house on it or nothing. Just buy it and hold it. That’s it. I done told you. Can’t say you didn’t know.”

T.I. gave advice to Black folks about what they should do with their government stimulus checks. (Photo: @troubleman31/Instagram)

The Paycheck Protection Program, which T.I. referred to in his video, began on April 3 of this year with $349 billion to help small businesses since many were affected by COVID-19. After that money ran out in less than two weeks, the federal government opened the program again with $321 billion later that month.

The latest coronavirus stimulus bill, presented by Senate Republicans on Thursday, Sept. 10, fell short after being opposed by all Democrats and one Republican.

Many of T.I.’s followers eventually responded to his advice in the comments, with some asking him to give suggestions on how to actually purchase property. Others, meanwhile, said they’ve already started looking into buying land, and there were a good number of people who simply thanked the Atlanta native for his words.

“Amen 💖 keep spreading that knowledge,” one person wrote.

“I know thats right cuzo thats wat am working on now my own land,” wrote someone else.

“TI…. my respect for you has grown so much over the years,” a third person wrote. “I’m so happy to see you using your platform to educate our people on the benefits of investing in real estate👊🏾👊🏾.”

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