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Toya Bush-Harris Says In New Post Someone In Her Circle Called Her Fat, Fans Suspect Heavenly Kimes

“Married 2 Medicine” star Toya Bush-Harris shared a captivating pic early Friday morning and informed her followers that someone in her circle called her “fat.”

The reality star captioned the post shared on Sept. 11, “When a B😜itch in your Circle call you FAT…. just end the call, smile and thank GOD you know the truth… then pray God works on their insecurities 🤣🤣”

Toya Bush-Harris is all smiles in her new IG post. (Photo: @toyabushharris/Instagram)

Many fans began to speculate that her “M2M” co-star Dr. Heavenly Kimes was the culprit, given their history. One fan said, “I hope it wasn’t big head dr heavenly….. that sounds like something she would say.” A second fan wrote, “Must have been Heavenly, she’s such a hater. Pretends to like y’all but is the only one with slick shady comments.” A third fan mentioned, “Sounds like some heavenly hate!!” A fourth fan said, “This has HEAVENLY’s name written all over it.”

Toya Bush-Harris clapping back at “M2M” co-stars after they made fun of her weight back in 2019. (Photo: @toyabushharris/Instagram)

Other fans were gushing over the reality star’s new look.

One fan said, “Beautiful 💕 you don’t have to say anything just showing up pisses them off 😊😊😘 keep being you.”

“You are not fat anymore! Exercise and eating healthy has definitely made a difference for you. Keep up the good work!💯💯🙌🏾, ” a second fan raved.

A third fan wrote, “People close to you can be jealous as well. Toya you look amazing. Keep doing you!”

This would not have been the first time Kimes has thrown shade at the stay-at-home mom. Back in March, in a video livestream via YouTube, Kimes talked about a slew of topics that ranged from the coronavirus shutdown to dentistry, where the “M2M” star revealed that she had to temporarily close down her practice in Atlanta because of the pandemic. Egged on by fans, Kimes then threw jabs at Bush-Harris by asking what does she do all day, since Bush-Harris doesn’t work.

“I’m sitting here. I ain’t got sh-t to do, right? I’ve got nothing to do. Who do I need to call? TOYA! B-tch I need to know what to do when you ain’t got sh*t to do. Nothing? What do you do, girl, when you ain’t got no job, you just sit at home living in the lap of luxury, you know what I’m saying? And you don’t have nothing to do. I wanna call Toya up, let her sit on the couch, [and] tell me what you do when you ain’t got no damn job. I wanna know … help me out.”

Regardless of who was the influence behind the post, one thing for certain is it’s going to be an interesting upcoming season.

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