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‘I Would Never Disrespect Her’: Brandy Says She Apologized to Monica Before Their ‘Verzuz’ Battle Began

There seems to be a lingering buzz over Monica and Brandy‘s record-breaking “Verzuz” battle that took place Monday, Aug. 31. Not only for the bevy of memorable songs they played, but also for the unity and friendly exchanges they shared.

In an interview with Hot 97 that landed on YouTube Saturday, Sept. 5, Brandy said that she apologized to Monica before their battle began, which contributed to a relaxed feeling. The singers have feuded with each other over the course of their careers, and Brandy expressed regrets over that.

Brandy (left) said that she apologized to Monica (right) before their ‘Verzuz’ battle began. (Photo: @verzuztv/Instagram)

“There was a time where people were like coming at me crazy on the internet, and I was never really the type of person or the type of artist to fall into that and start clapping back and saying things,” Brandy explained around the 7:24 mark. “But in this one phase of my life, I just felt like I had this voice, and I need to use my voice, I need to start clapping back, I need to start saying what’s on my mind, and I never should have done that. That’s just not even in my spirit, but I did do that and I felt like I needed to address her about those things, apologize about those things that I said in the media.”

She continued. “Then also just things that I felt like that we never talked about. I felt that I needed to just say all of that and just to let her know that she was safe and that she didn’t have anything to worry about going on this platform with me. I would never disrespect her in any kind of way.”

The problems between both women, according to producer Dallas Austin, started because Monica thought Brandy was too straight-laced. Austin co-produced their 1998 joint hit single “The Boy Is Mine” and spoke about the beef to VladTV last year. He also revealed that Monica even hit Brandy once, at the American Music Awards many years ago.

But the public can see that’s now all water under the bridge, and their “Verzuz” battle streaming numbers seem to confirm that fans highly enjoy seeing the two women together, considering there were 1.2 million viewers who streamed the event. That’s more people than any other “Verzuz” battle so far.

Brandy also explained in her interview why it was so important for her to apologize to the “Don’t Take It Personal” singer before the battle and how it helped them.

“We both came to a place where we felt like whatever the beef was, whatever the feud was, it wasn’t bigger than our music, it wasn’t bigger than who we are as vessels to heal, to touch, to bless people,” said Brandy. “I was happy to have a conversation with her, because I felt like it made us feel more comfortable, being on live stream … It just showed the growth of both of us.”

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