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Doppelgänger Alert! Beyoncé’s Mom Tina Lawson Looks Strikingly Similar to Tina Turner

Tina Lawson has fans asking will the real Ms. Tina please stand up after she posted a photo of herself dressed up as legendary entertainer Tina Turner. On Thursday, Sept. 3, Beyoncé and Solange’s mom shared a photo on her Instagram page sporting a big brown wavy wig similar to that of Turner’s classic hairstyle. 

The 66-year-old was spotted wearing a two-piece leather suit and matching heels. Ms. Lawson finished off her look with bright red lipstick. “Last night I got to be one of my favorite entertainers can you guess who?” the mom of two captioned the snap.  

Mrs. Tina Lawson dresses as iconic singer Tina Turner in recent photo. (Photo: @mstinalawson/Instagram)

Fans were taken back by how similar she looked to the “What’s Love Got to Do with It” singer, including one fan who wrote, “I had to double look, thought you was Tina Turner 😳great impersonator!!!” Another user wrote, “I had to look twice. You look like Tina. Good job on the costume😁.” The post gained over 140,000 and 4,400 comments.  

No word on what sparked the look or what the occasion was for, but fans couldn’t get enough of it and how effortlessly Lawson pulled it all off. A few fans speculated it might’ve had something to do with Beyoncé’s birthday, which happened to fall on the day after Lawson shared the photo. “Oh BB had an early bday celebration 👀,” one fan wrote, while another user commented, “Is this why Beyonce rented out a TV studio.”

The former hairdresser has diehard fans who are here for whatever she posts, including her “corny jokes” segments. In March 2020, the Tina hive came to the rescue when an internet troll knocked down one of Lawson’s jokes and commented underneath the video post, “Girl, take them bangs and disappear with your daughter and grandchildren for a little while. We don’t need this right now.”

In the now-deleted response, the fashion designer fired back, writing, “first of all I am not a girl. So try to conjure up a little respect and secondly if you don’t need it then get off my page and go where you like what you see. With love ❤️❤️❤️.”

Social media users applauded for her well put response. One fan who commented, “Don’t disrespect Ms. Tina! We could all use a corny joke right now!” Another person wrote, “People be keyboard thugging so heavy. In real life they softer than marshmallows on a pillow. Period. 💗 Don’t ever try MsTina like that tf.”

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