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‘I Love My Little Boobs’: Reginae Carter Shuts Down Haters with a Message on Self-Love

Reginae Carter feels confident and beautiful in her body these days and doesn’t have a problem schooling trolls on what a “baddie” she is.

The 21-year-old daughter of rap icon Lil Wayne slammed online users for criticizing her natural body as she went on a tirade about self-love. During an Instagram Live video with her friends on Tuesday, Sept. 1, Carter said she balances the scrutiny she faces on a daily basis with being a confident young woman.

“I love being me man, I love walking in my own skin, I love my lil boobs, I love my lil butt, I love me, I love me,” the young actress said. “You not gone make me not love me. Ok, you not gone make me ok. And if I do want to change anything about my body, that’s on me. You will never make me change nothing about myself I love me.”

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter talks self-love. @theshaderoom/Instagram

Carter continued with her rant and turned off the camera filter to assure folks she was “still pretty” without it. She also urged others to have the same confidence she carries and added, “Can’t nobody tell me I’m not a baddie, like… Can’t nobody bro! Nobody! This is me. Natural. Pretty. Lovely.”

She ended the one-minute video by boosting her friends up and giving them a pep talk.

IG users and fans applauded Carter for her encouraging words.

One follower wrote, “ENERGYYYY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 💯😍 PS. My daughter heard her and kept repeating it “I’m pretty” “I’m pretty” 🤣.”

A second commented, “Her mother Toya did a great job! 🙏🏽💞 Her confidence was 🔥💯 This wtf i like to see!”

” ‘Cant’ nobody tell me I’m not a baddie bro…’ 😜Yesssss Reginae!” another person exclaimed.

“Her mom and dad raised her right!!! I love to see it 🙌🏽,” someone else added.

Over the years, social media users have pressured Carter to undergo cosmetic surgery, but she’s made it perfectly clear that she loves her body as is.

In May 2018, one person actually urged the star to get “breast implants.” She shot back, “I’m good. Society ruined you tho.” Her mother Toya Johnson also chimed in on the conversation and hit back at the detractor, writing, “This is why so many young girls have self-esteem issues.” She went on to advise her daughter to “show them how you can be lit and natural.”

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