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‘Wait Lisa and Kari Back’: Fans Lose It After Dr. Heavenly Posts Pic with Alleged ‘M2M’ Season 8 Cast, No Mariah and Quad

Bring on the surprises for the “Married to Medicine” season 8 cast. Dr. Heavenly Kimes sent fans into a frenzy when she uploaded a photo of the “alleged” cast participating in the March on Washington, led by National Urban Network, at the Lincoln Memorial. 

“No justice!…No Peace! #married2med. #MarchOnWashington #TeamDaddy,” Kimes captioned the photo. 

The photo included Kari Wells, Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, Simone Whitmore, Jackie Walters, Lisa Nicole Cloud and Contessa Metcalfe, all rocking a “Black Lives Matter” related T-shirt, jeans and masks. 

The alleged “Married to Medicine” season 8 cast (L-R): Kari Wells, Heavenly Kimes, Toya Bush-Harris, Simone Whitmore, Jackie Walters, Lisa Nicole Cloud and Contessa Metcalfe @Dr_Heavenly/Instagram

The photo did not show Mariah Huq or Quad Webb, leaving fans wondering if the two ladies are axed from the new season. 

“No Quad. No Mariah …..oh my.” 

“So Lisa & Carrie are on this upcoming season, I see.🤔.”

“So Lisa Nicole back ?! She was boring though, Lordt! KARI funny sometimes, but yeah, it was time for miss Quad to go child.”

“Not Kari and Lisa. Oh no! What is @bravotv doing? The housewives are dropping like flies, and now they are messing with #m2m@dr_heavenly we need a Heaven Help Us STAT!”

“Lazy casting 🙄.” 

“Chile is that Lisa, Nicole? Lemme find out she got a contract and Mariah didn’t. Lawwwdddddd.”

While fans did applaud the ladies for marching for a good cause, not too many followers of the show were ecstatic about the supposed new cast. 

Kimes alluded that Webb won’t be returning to the show following an Instagram spat that involved Webb blasting Kimes for her weight after the dentist left two emojis under her thirst trap. 

“Damn sis, don’t be a hater all your life, sorry you spent all your coins at the doctor and still didn’t get the body GOD gave me,” Webb wrote to Kimes on Instagram. 

“Now, run and tell that! #lipo #lapband #bariatricsurgery #gastricsleeve #gastricbypass #whateveeittooktobemedicore,” she added. 

Kimes posts two astonishing emojis underneath Webb’s bikini photo. @AbsolutelyQuad/Instagram

Kimes responded to a fan begging her to drag Webb, but she wrote via Twitter: “I think I should leave it alone….obviously, a plight to get back on the show… we literally have no beef!! I just spoke to her a few days ago. I won’t do Fake stuff #justsad.”

As for Huq, the creator and executive producer of “M2M” said back in April that she didn’t receive a contract for the upcoming season in the mail. 

In an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star, Huq revealed that she believes race plays a role in why she doesn’t know beforehand as it relates to decisions made about the show. 

“I’m the first African-American woman to create a franchise at Bravo. I’m one of three people. It’s me, it’s Lisa Vanderpump, that created “Vanderpump Rules,” and Whitney Sudler that did “Southern Charm,” Huq said. “They’re still with their franchises. They’re still a part of [them]. Why would I not be?”

She continued, “I wouldn’t even be questioned why as an African-American creator and executive producer, am I not at the table when decisions about the show that I created are being made. That’s the bigger question. We talk about justice and equality for all; why am I being treated differently than some of my white counterparts? So, that’s the first question.”

Mariah Huq (Courtesy of Mariah Huq)

From the looks of things, Huq and Webb won’t be returning to the show. Now it leaves the question of what will Cloud and Wells bring to the table for season 8.

Cloud left in 2017 to pursue other ventures. As for Wells, she and Huq fell out during a joint birthday party for their spouses back in 2013.

“We fell out over the way she treated me, before, during, and after [the event], the way she treated the staff who worked that night and many others who she came into contact with. The lies, the drama, and her inability to forgive and move on…” Wells explained in a Bravo blog following the season-one reunion. 

“In the end, I just had to distance myself from it,” she continued. “It was far too toxic to be around. Perhaps we both needed to heal?”

Huq denied having anything to do with Wells’ departure. 

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