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‘Queen S–t Only’: Monica Sends Brandy a Sweet Message After Their Legendary Verzuz Battle

R&B powerhouses Monica and Brandy made Verzuz history with a record of 1.2 million viewers on Monday night, Aug. 31 — serving up shade, ’90s classics and nostalgia.

The showdown between the Grammy-Award winners took place on Instagram Live, where they showcased their catalogs of timeless hits. It had been eight years since the ladies last sat in a room with each other.

Following the music battle, Monica shared a soul-stirring message to the “I Wanna Be Down” singer, alongside a photo of them hugging and smiling up a storm.

[L-R] Brandy Norwood and Monica Arnold take a photo together at their Verzuz battle. 📸 @thomasleijgraaff/Instagram

“My Prayers have been said as well as Many of them answered !” she wrote via Instagram. “Communication & Compassion bridged a gap that not many will understand! I celebrate you @brandy … Your legacy , Music & Catalogue are undeniable!! #B7 Available NOW….. 🖤.”

The love between the two songstresses didn’t stop there. Brandy also penned the “So Gone” artist a heartfelt memo.

[L-R]: Brandy Norwood and Monica Arnold 📸 @thomasleijgraaff/Instagram

“This was a beautiful moment @monicadenise 🎶 had a blast with you on @verzuztv … we riding dem charts on @applemusic too .. I see us,” she added. “it was an honor ♥️ Thank you stars and doves for your forever support. Love y’all ♥️.”

Social media users were elated to see the two legendary singers come together.

“You both killed it !!and that mfkin outfit baby ! phew 🔥🔥🔥”

“We relived our teenage years thanks to you, I appreciate the moment so much it was definitely needed 🙏🏾”

“You know what this is called? Growth! I hope people learn life is too short to hold grudges. Much ❤️”

“Queen S–t Only👑👑👐🏽👐🏽💕💕 ❤️❤️ THIS! You are both amazing artists and women. Last night was epic & definitely worth me being tired AF this morning lol”

[L-R]: Brandy Norwood and Monica Arnold take a photo together at their Verzuz Battle. 📸 @thomasleijgraaff/Instagram

Monica and Brandy’s Verzuz livestream garnered over a million consecutive viewers on Instagram like former First Lady Michelle Obama, Mariah Carey, Eryah Bady, Missy Elliott and more.

The Verzuz series was created by famous music producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, and features two artists from similar genres, allowing them to showcase their biggest hits and engage with fans online.

Brandy and Monica told E News that it felt amazing to be on the same virtual stage together after nearly a decade.

“It feels good,” said Brandy. “I haven’t seen her in so long, and so to still have this kind of chemistry, and love… No matter whatever has happened, like, I can just feel the love that I have for you.”

Monica agreed and added, “It is definitely a new day.”

Checkout the Verzuz Battle below:

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