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‘His Little Twin’: Lil Wayne Posts Pic of His and Lauren London’s Son, Fans Can’t Get Over How Much He Looks Like the Rapper

The answer to “Who does this child look like more?” isn’t up for debate when it comes to Lil Wayne and Lauren London‘s son Kameron.

The now 10-year-old looks adorable in the throwback image, rocking Kobe Bryant’s basketball jersey and matching shorts, while holding a ball of his own.

Lil Wayne and his son Kameron Carter are almost the definition of twins. (Photo: @liltunechi/Twitter, @liltunechi/Instagram)

“8.24 2! Mamba forever,” Wayne captioned the pic in celebration of Bryant.

The late Kobe Bryant’s 42nd birthday was on Aug. 23. The internet was filled with tributes from family, friends, and fans on the day, however, Wayne decided to commemorate his friend on Kobe Day, the date representing his jersey number 24 and jersey number 8, which Bryant wore earlier in his Lakers career.

The retired Los Angeles Lakers star, who tragically died in a helicopter accident in January, and the Young Money rapper were good friends. Wayne released “Kobe” in 2009 in honor of his homie and performed the song in his memory at the BET Awards in June.

Little Kameron’s picture was a dose of cuteness that brightened fans’ day.

“I thought that was wayne for a second,” commented a follower.

“Say he looks like you @LilTunechi lol damn near thought it was you for a sec in ya younger days,” a second agreed.

“Why I thought his was a baby picture of him BYE 😭,” laughed a third.

“Literally little Wayne with Lauren’s dimples 😍😍😍😍,” stated a fourth.

Lil Wayne celebrates Kobe Day with a picture of his and Lauren London’s son rocking the late Lakers star’s jersey. @liltunechi/Twitter

Both Wayne and London have largely kept Kameron out of the spotlight, but lately the “Lollipop” rapper has been sharing a bit more of his usually private life. Kameron’s parents did such a good job protecting him from the public that some fans just learned they even had a child together, thanks to the image.

“Whatttt ? They gotta son together ??” one shocked fan wrote.

“forgot they even had a child tbh,” another was reminded.

“They gotta son????” a third asked in confusion.

In addition to his usual posts promoting his music and podcast, more recently the “Mrs. Officer” rapper has been sharing more images of his three youngest kids (Kameron, 10-year-old Neal Carter, and 11-year-old Dwayne Carter III), and his fiancée La’Tecia Thomas.

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13 thoughts on “‘His Little Twin’: Lil Wayne Posts Pic of His and Lauren London’s Son, Fans Can’t Get Over How Much He Looks Like the Rapper

  1. Anonymous says:

    His Fiancé is Denise Bidot, lol

  2. E t says:

    E E

  3. Yes he looks like his daddy and he definitely marked him and Kameron is so handsome

  4. Anonymous says:

    What a blessing he looks exactly like.wyane

  5. Anonymous says:

    Someone lied!

  6. Maria says:

    Lol he is cute looks like both to me

  7. D. says:

    He’s adorable 💕Definately a future handsome heart throb. He looks like just like lil Wayne’s childhood pics. I’m pleased they shared his photo with US.

  8. Djh says:

    Can leave my comment he brightens up the day. Yes a child that is always will we be there.

  9. Felicia Dobbin says:

    Wow i never new that

  10. Anonymous says:

    Im tired of daughter of Lil Wayne “Reshana is it whatever,i would like for her to sit her ass down somwere off the internet/social media,its obvious she wants attention useing her dads name evrywere,your grown get a life,let his other babys get some attention,there still babys,tired if seeing yo ass,evrytime i pickup my phone,im not a fan of yours#sitdownsomwere…

  11. Dominick says:

    The kid in the pic looks alot like baby koybe bryant no cap wow

  12. Jm says:

    Holy…. you’re right. People are so caught up lying about how the kid looks like LolWayne, they (yes, Lol Wayne not, Lil) didn’t even think about how scandalous Kobe the rapist probably #&$+Ed his ex while they were together and this kid is definitely the result! Blood test. That kid looks nothing like LolWayne. Might as well be saying he looks like a damn gremlin. I’m not being mean. This is a real opinion of what is more likely fact…Looks like LolWayne…smh, yeah, right. that’s Kobe’s baby

  13. Anonymous says:

    I must be looking at different pics because the kid doesn’t look like Lil Wayne but the boy is cute

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