Chrissy Lampkin Goes Off on Critics Who Shame Her for Not Being Married to Longtime Boyfriend Jim Jones

After a long and relatively public 16 years together, former “Love and Hip Hop New York” stars Chrissy Lampkin and rapper Jim Jones are still going strong. On Monday, Aug. 24, Lampkin posted a throwback photo of the pair at a party “Hot and Sweaty,” as she put it. 

Lampkin captioned the vintage flick with a quote from Beyoncé, saying, “All I need in this life of sin is me and my boyfriend.” The 49-year-old appeared to pre-address critics when she added “👍it works for me ❤️🔪💉💊🚬⚰️😂😂😂😂#HotandSweaty 😩🔥” in her post. Jones replied to the post, “Fax 📠  u make me look good.”

Those familiar with the couple may know of their long and complicated history with committing to marriage. Those who’ve followed “LHHNY” since its start have seen the topic of marriage get brought up as well as tossed out. Fans even saw Lampkin propose to Jones, which didn’t sit well with viewers. So when Lampkin wrote, “it works for me,” it wasn’t long before the critics jumped into the comments section nitpicking at the pair’s relationship status. One user wrote, “He should be ur husband,” while another user commented, “Damn girl he still yo boyfriend? It’s been about a century 🤷🏾‍♀️.”

Lampkin had some time on her hands, by the look of some of her replies. Blog site Urban Belle was able to catch them before they seemingly disappeared. In one comment, Lampkin wrote, “Yeah my boyfriend.. motherf—kers married don’t have what we have but y’all lonely mother—kers wouldn’t know nothing about it.” In another response, she wrote, “What the f—k is wrong with y’all that’s lyrics to a song and now you’re trying to make it my life f*ck off I’ll get married win the f—k I want to.”

Last year, during an appearance on “The Real” talk show, Lampkin revealed that marriage was no longer a priority for the two. “Our relationship is in a good place. I thought that that was like the natural progression, but it’s not for everybody. So we’re good right now,” the star explained at the time.

Still, not all were against Lampkin and Jones’ decision to put marriage on the back burner. One user commented under Lampkin’s post, “Y’all be so critical marriage ain’t for everybody Their relationship has last longer than some marriage I know.” Meanwhile, another user wrote, “🗣🗣🗣 Y’all outta be tired of being in THEIR BUSINESS can or no fan …. y’all been worried about them as long as they been together … worry about yourself.”

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