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‘Please Mind Y’all Bald Headed Business!’: Porsha Williams Strikes Back at Trolls Upset That She Put Box Braids In Her 1-Year-Old Daughter’s Hair

It appears that momma Porsha Williams doesn’t care for the opinions of others when it comes to what she does with her child. At least, that’s the impression the reality star gave when she responded to critics who were upset that Williams styled her 1-year-old daughter Pilar Jhena’s hair in box braids. 

On Friday, Aug. 21, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star uploaded two precious videos of baby PJ singing the children’s nursery rhyme “BINGO,” with Williams in the background singing along as well.  Under the videos shared on PJ’s IG page, the new mom captioned the cute clips, “B I N G O!!! 🎶🎵 🚨.” The reality star also took a moment to address the hairy situation that had been apparently bothering her for some time, writing, “Mom Note: a lot of you MF’s just got Blocked! I hope your comment about my baby’s hair was worth it:).” She added, “Her hair is longer and healthier than yours so please mind y’all bald headed business! Thank you 😘.”

The drama seemingly unfolded after Williams went on a photo dumping spree over the last several weeks, where she shared multiple snaps of PJ rocking her summer hairstyle, showing off her braids. Yet, not everyone thought PJ’s hair was appropriate for her age. Many users questioned the mom’s decision to pick that particular hairstyle. 

The more severe comments were found under a photo Williams shared in late May 2020 when one person wrote, “Now Porsha 🙄 you knew social media was gone come for you for putting weave in this beautiful babies head and you did it anyway! 😂😂 chile I can’t stand u.” They added, “🗣️🗣️ TAKE THIS MESS OUTTA PJ’S HEAD GIRL! 🤦‍♀️😒.”

Another user commented, “I luv your family Porcha but please don’t allow anybody to pull your baby edges like this.. I can see the hair bumps around her edges. But she still gorgeous.”

However, not all were against the hairdo, and many fans defended Williams and baby PJ. Under numerous photos of PJ, fans praised the toddler’s adorable looks and encouraged Williams to do whatever she felt was fit for her child. 

One fan commented, “Hey Porsha gurl… i did the same thing with my only daughter when she was a baby too, yea they talked…but i didnt listen!! I kept right on jazzin up MY baby hair and now she grown jazzing it up HER self now! It looks great gurl F ’em gurl.” Meanwhile, another fan wrote, “She looks adorable, and anyone criticizing a baby is totally ridiculous and you should be ashamed.”

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6 thoughts on “‘Please Mind Y’all Bald Headed Business!’: Porsha Williams Strikes Back at Trolls Upset That She Put Box Braids In Her 1-Year-Old Daughter’s Hair

  1. Mz Diba 1959 says:

    I just ❤️Porsha I don’t think that she would leave the braids in long it’s a Fashion Statement I think it’s so cute. Her baby is so cute plz people don’t be mean to Porsha baby Girl she look very healthy and haPpy… so porshA

  2. Charlene says:

    That’s her child and whatever she wants to do she can. People need to mind their business and worry about what they got going on. No matter what you do in life people always got to comment on something that do not concern thEm.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Porsha it’s okay your baby hair is beautiful stop and don’t listen to people trying to give you advice about your child when they probably don’t even know where the hell their child is at are the daddy got their nerve these are a bunch of sorry women who need to be taking care of their own kids and not worry about what you do you got that and don’t need no bunch of sorry ass women trying to tell you what to do like you going to listen to their sorry asses.

  4. Alicia says:

    Omg. She’s beautiful. We were all put in braids as youngster. Never tight and it’s her mom’s option. People have to stop and mind their own business.

  5. Sandra Pressey says:

    I’m not opposed to the weave. It’s her child, therefore her choice. The only person that she has to answer to regarding that baby’s hair is Dennis. However, I will say that personally I would have opted for shorter braids that’s more age appropriate for a toddler. She’s such a beautiful baby with or without the weave. Porsha girl glam your baby how you please.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Everybody bye!!! Who feel like fixing hair everyday. Plus it help her hair grow thicker and fuller. Love it. It hard to keep up with your daughter hair when you got a busy life.

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