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‘Issa No for Me Dawg!’: Keyshia Cole’s Recent Video Spirals Out of Control After Fans Roast Her ‘Struggle Twerk’

It looks like Keyshia Cole‘s booty-popping skills have not impressed the masses.

The “Let It Go” singer has been showing out lately and posting all sorts of videos of herself dancing. On Tuesday, Aug. 25, she took to her Instagram Stories with a video that showed her working on her new album. While inside the music studio, Cole decided to turn up and twerk to one of her songs.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole twerks for her Instagram followers. @keyshiacole/Instagram

“I’m coming sis Period,” she wrote across one of the videos. In the other she added, “U can twerk to my new s–t. White socks but they Balenciaga.”

Sporting a cropped “2020” hoodie, a baseball cap, and form-fitting pants, the R&B songstress gyrated her booty to the best of her ability. Fans, however, roasted her moves.

“That ‘twerk’ ain’t quite it 🥴😂,” someone said.

“I love her but she struggling, ima be quiet because I can’t do any better 😂,” another added.

A fan quipped, “What in the tarter sauce is going on? Issa no for me dawg! 😩.”

“That’s what I call a struggle 😩🤦🏻‍♂️. Idk how I feel about this sis, you make all the good heartbreak music,” an IG user wrote.

One person joked, “Seizure! Call the paramedics.”

So Cole may not be the best “twerker,” but at least she can sing.

As a matter of fact, the “Love” artist recently announced she was working on her eighth album. She revealed the good news on Twitter July 15 and wrote, “Dressed myself up a bit yesterday, cause I’m tired of being dressed down! Almost completely sick of sweats, t shirts, baggy EVERYTHING Weary face Haven’t performed, miss the stage. THANK GOD IM WORKING ON A NEW ALBUM.”

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole. (Photo: @keyshiacole/Instagram)

Fans are hoping the mother of two gives them a list of “heartbreak” love songs, but Cole has yet to disclose any album details.

Her last album, “11:11 Reset,” was released in October 2017. She has said she based that album on her spiritual and personal growth. Cole told Vibe magazine at the time that “11:11” was “significant to the ‘Angel Number.’ 11:11 represents being aligned spiritually with your destiny.”

“It’s pretty much like the saying, ‘everything happens for a reason,’ and you know, to just appreciate where you’re at in that moment.”

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6 thoughts on “‘Issa No for Me Dawg!’: Keyshia Cole’s Recent Video Spirals Out of Control After Fans Roast Her ‘Struggle Twerk’

  1. Monique Jackson says:

    Who cares if she can twerk or not she’s a singer not a dancer. Leave her alone damn. Twerk all the death out here in these streets .an you guys worrying about her twerk. Go read a book

  2. Juanita Walls says:

    That’s okay Keyshia throw it back, don’t give a dam if y’all catch it. Keyshia you are still #1 on that A list, everybody ain’t nasty and ratchet. DO YOU KEYSHIA🌹

  3. Shaneal says:

    I feel she did a good job at it what because she wasn’t moving fast

  4. Nicole says:

    There was nothing wrong with Keisha Coles twerk. Y’all be pressed over EVERYTHANG, DAMN!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Y’all better leave sis alone.. Everybody ain’t got no big ole padunkadunk to shake… She just working with she got

  6. Renee Williams says:

    Just love love love you Keisha

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