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‘If I Fumbled the Bag Was a Person’: Masika Kalysha Reportedly Fired from ‘Double Cross’ Show After Kidnapping Video for OnlyFans Backfires

Masika Kalysha is still paying the price for faking her own kidnapping and has been fired from UMC series “Double Cross.”

The show’s creator, Christel Gibson, caught wind of the former “Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” star’s kidnapping skit — which was supposed to raise awareness for sex trafficking victims, and decided to let her go after receiving a number of complaints from patrons, the Blast reported on Friday, Aug. 27.

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha explains fake kidnapped video. @masikakalysha/Instagram

UMC also spoke out against Kalysha’s “offensive video” — which was shot on the set of “Double Cross.” The network released a statement slamming her actions via Instagram on Friday afternoon in the wake of parting ways with the reality star.


“In light of the offensive video posted by Masika Kalysha while on the set of our series, “Double Cross,” we’ve made the decision to part ways with her immediately and will be recasting her role,” UMC stated. “‘Double Cross’ was created to shed light on the horrors of sex trafficking and we strongly condemn any inclination that such a serious issue should be made light of.”

Kalysha acted on the television series for one season. Season 2 would’ve been her second with the show.

Watch Masika’s Video Here:

The Chicago native spoke out after news surfaced that she’d been let go from “Double Cross.”

“It’s so disheartening when people u should be able to trust, completely turn on u when u perform the tasks asked of u,” Kalysha tweeted. She added, “The rug has be completely pulled from beneath me. My entire team is disheartened & in disbelief. You can’t love me because I’m “salacious” & outspoken & also hate me for the same reasons. It’s a tremendously daunting feeling to be used & left for dead. I will be less trusting of my platform & my energy. I’m so grateful for my team and my faith. What’s done in the dark will come to light… soon.”

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha goes on Twitter tirade. @masikakalysha/Twitter

Kalysha’s comments and actions sparked several reactions from fans.

“If “i fumbled the bag” was a person 😭😭”

“You keep doubling down without recognizing that the ‘marketing’ you did was in very poor taste.“

“It’s crazy to me that people talk s–t about you because of how guarded you are, yet when you actually open your heart, they take you for granted. Smh you can’t please everybody”

“You was out of line!!! Plenty of ways to raise awareness 🥴. You wanted to be seen so there you have it. Apologize for that and move forward.”

Kalysha eventually released an apology statement on Friday evening and explained why she created the video.

“While on set fully immersed in my character, for season two of Double Crossed, a show that bravely displays the reality and tragedy of human trafficking, I got caught up in the excitement of the moment and chose to use my platform to bring an essential topic to light by displaying my efforts to support the end of human trafficking,” Kalysha began.

Masika Kalysha
Masika Kalysha’s team releases statement. @TMZ

She continued, “It is imperative that you understand the public’s safety and the victims are paramount to my actions. I made no money, nor was it ever my intent. With that being said, I am aware that the way I went about it was distasteful, and I apologize to anyone whom I have offended or hurt with my delivery.”

Kalysha posted the highly controversial video where she faked being kidnapped and beaten up last week.

She appeared in lingerie with bruises and cuts all over her body and then promoted her OnlyFans account. She wrote in the caption, “They said you guys have to leave me tips and follow me so they can take the money or they’re not gonna let me go.”

After deleting the first video, she posted a second one and claimed the “shock factor” was to raise awareness for child sex trafficking. She supposedly partnered with R.O.S.E. Organization, an organization that ostensibly provides “awareness of human trafficking and attend to the needs of victims of sexual exploitation, homelessness and drug addiction.”

However, R.O.S.E. founder Toni D. Rivera says she refused to take any donations from Kalysha.

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