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Former ‘Flavor of Love’ Star Bootz Accuses Mo’Nique of Blacklisting Her, the Actress responds

For those familiar with the classic VH1 reality show “Flavor of Love” or “Charm School,” you may remember Bootz. The former reality star recently made headlines after she made claims during an interview that actress and comedian Mo’Nique blacklisted her early on in her career. 

Bootz, whose real name is Larissa Hodge, appeared on the 29th episode of the “Talk of Love” podcast with host Lacey Sculls, which posted on YouTube on Monday, Aug. 24. During the show, Bootz spoke about her time on both series, and her journey as a reality star after her time on the shows ended. Bootz had a lot to say about Mo’Nique and how she treated the cast during her time as the host on “Charm School.” Bootz also made claims that the actress tried to blacklist her early on in her career. 

(From left to right): Larissa ‘Bootz’ Aurora, featured with Shay ‘Buckeey’ Johnson (center) and Deelishis, claims that Mo’Nique blacklisted her. (Photo by Chris Polk/FilmMagic)

Around the 49:10 mark of the interview, Bootz gives her explanation as to why she feels “Mo’Nique is not a good person. “There was a particular situation where my publicist told me there was a celebrity like a spa day thing event and I wanted to go, and she said ‘oh we have a problem,’ and I said ‘What?’ ” Bootz then claims that her publicist informed her that Mo’Nique expressed that if Bootz attended that event, she wouldn’t participate in it. Bootz continued, “And because Mo’Nique was a bigger actress at the time, of course, they’re going to pick her, so I couldn’t go to the event, so she basically blacklisted me telling people if I go this and that. I tell people all the time when people ask ‘oh what do you think about what’s going on with her?’ ”

She continued, “I think that that’s karma because you’ve been blacklisting people. It’s not just me there’s people that she’s done things to, she thought because she won that Oscar oh I’m on top but no because God will always stop all those blessings because you do people dirty for no reason.” The former reality star finished her statement saying that Mo’Nique had something similar happen to another former cast member of “Charm School.” 

As previously reported, in 2015, the star from “The Parkers” went on a tirade against producers Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry, and Oprah Winfrey, accusing the holy trinity of blackballing her in the industry. During an appearance at the Apollo Theater during her “Mo’Nique’s Pre Mother’s Day Comedy Special,” the actress said, “I was white balled by some Black d—- who had no balls. Thank you, Mr. Lee Daniels. Thank you, Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. No, baby, I wasn’t blackballed. I was f—— up by some n—— who had no balls.” She added, “You are not paying me equally. You are not treating me fairly,” she said. “So, y’all can suck my d— if I had one.”

A snippet of the “Talk of Love” podcast was then reposted to The Shade Room, where Mo’Nique responded to the clip saying, “Y’all should be ashamed of yourself!” No one word on whether the comedian plans to give these allegations any further attention, but it does appear to be bad blood, at least on Bootz’s end. Check out the full interview below.

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