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‘Defend Your Man’: Erica Mena Addresses Internet Trolls Calling Husband Safaree Samuels ‘Corny’

Erica Mena is speaking up for her husband Safaree Samuels‘ against people attacking him online for a recent post.

The “Love and Hip Hop: New York” couple recently shared a video of themselves dancing to salsa music with their 6-month-old daughter in front of their new Atlanta dream home. Samuels was the one to record the video and quickly became the center of attention after a lot of social media users called him “corny” for his flamboyant dance moves and goofy personality.

“He found someone who loves his corny ways 😂🥺,” a critic commented on the video. Someone else wrote, “He so extra and corny 🚮 could have kept this one in the camera roll.”

Erica Mena
Erica Mena goes after people calling her husband corny. @iamerica_mena/Instagram

Mena caught wind of what internet trolls were saying about her husband and addressed them in an Instagram video she posted to her page on Monday, Aug. 24. She wrote in the caption, “Let’s talk facts. Figured I break it down for you miserable trolls 👋🏽.”

Mena asked, “I find it kinda interesting how when a man is comfortable with being himself, loves life, makes the best out of things, isn’t fake hardcore trying to be hard, ain’t calling queens out their name…when a man is legitimately confident with himself, when a man enjoys life and enjoys making the best out of things, dances because he feels good inside, says what he wants to say because he means it and is really a good all-around man…why is that corny for y’all females?”

The 32-year-old model said a lot of the women who attack her husband in the comments are “bitter” and chase after insecure men who aren’t “happy with themselves.”

Mena added that Samuels has taught her how to “take a deep breath” and enjoy life. She applauded her husband for being who he is and said she couldn’t be happier to be married to him.

Followers showered Mena with support, while jumping to her husband’s defense.

Safaree Samuels
Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena @safaree/Instagram

“They all miserable mamiii! Keep showing us how cute y’all are , I love it ! Goals 💜”

“Only if some of them knew what corny means🙄 You got yourself a good ass husband. Real and full of life. I love y’all together. Big up yourself @safaree”

“👏🏽👏🏽 yess defend your man boo!!! They are all single miserable women waiting for everyone to break up and be miserable like them so that they could feel better about their miserables lives. Happy people genuinely don’t know how to hate 💗”

Samuels has stayed quiet following fans’ “corny” jabs and his wife’s recent video defending him.

The happily married couple began dating in November 2018 and tied the knot last October. They welcomed their first child together in February and appear to be living life to the fullest.

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  1. Yourmoma says:

    That mf corny then corn on the cob😂😂😂😂 n she so emotional n she love anybody that love her, if it was her way she be knock up with every men she had, n he so thirsty n slow he can’t see that shit, the baby is emotional thirst baby because both parents is a lost cause😂😂😂 she got play by rich dollars old wash up ass so she corny too

  2. LQL says:

    He could be all she said, ‘and still be corny’.🙄🙄🙄🙄

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