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‘Find Your Way Back’: Jaheim Slammed by Social Media Over His Support for Donald Trump

Another bites the dust! One more member of the Black community has come out to show his support for President Donald J. Trump. On Saturday, Aug. 22, singer Jaheim took to his Instagram page to praise the president as a “great man.” 

The “Just in Case” singer started his video with a silent prayer and claimed that Trump has “saved a lot of people.” He added, “Face it. It is what it is.  I don’t give a damn who don’t like it. Do your homework, ’cause I’ma post some more stuff. I’ma wake y’all up.”

Jaheim says Donald Trump has “saved a lot of people,” a contention social media users swiftly challenged. (Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage)

The 42-year-old then argued that “If it wasn’t for Trump taking the stance that he’s taken, you guys would’ve been done!” In a lengthy caption, the singer apologized to the president, saying, “I just wanna apologize to @realdonaldtrump for all the misinformation since he’s been in office.” He continued, “We the people have turned our backs on this great man who been working effortlessly to restore the balance for the Republic and didn’t even take a pay check.”

Jahiem finished his post condemning folks for foolishly believing the Democratic Party, writing, “We all allowed the Democrats to lie countless times but seeing is BELIEVING.” He concluded, “You all are so far gone you can’t see maybe it’s the same water they been poisoning Flint with because we all followed wrong side for years it time to wakeup.”

Social media was seemingly shocked by the show of support, including one user who questioned the singer, saying, “Ja, I think people just want to know why you are supporting Trump?” The commenter added, “If you are putting it out there its ok for your fans/followers to want to k ow your logic behind that support my brother.” The singer replied to the comment by denying claims that the president is racist, calling them “false narratives.”

Other users, however, were not so understanding. One person wrote, “That K2 done fried this man’s poor brains!!!…. or either that damn tuban is too damn tight…smh….another nut like Kanye.” A third user commented, “You’ve lost thousands of fans behind your bs… Don’t bother trying to ever do music again… You’ve been canceled.”

 A fourth user left a lengthy post denouncing Jaheim’s support of the president, saying, “Now that you have apologized to him can he apologize to the Central Park 5 to all the women whose p–y he has grabbed to all the women he has sexually assaulted to all the blacks that he has called lazy to all the blacks he refused to rent to, to the 170,000 families that he refuses to acknowledge has died of #COVID, to all the athletes that he called sons of b-tches, to all the black countries that he has called sh-t hole countries and to all y’all that supports him that he calls uneducated ✌🏼.”

Jaheim joins a controversial cast of Black entertainers like Kanye West, Stacey Dash, and Isaiah Washington, all of whom have come out in recent years to show their support to the current president. They’ve all received some form of backlash from the Black community for supporting a scandal-plagued administration whose response to several pressing matters, including the COVID-19 pandemic, has been considered less than satisfactory.

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