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‘Definitely a Red Flag’: Fans Dish Mixed Reactions After Dr. Heavenly Kimes Advises Men to Not Take Women to Strip Clubs on the First Few Dates

Dr. Heavenly Kimes is giving out dating advice! On Wednesday, Aug. 12, the reality star from “Married to Medicineshared a video on Instagram that showed her sitting in a chair as her celebrity beautician Derricka was curling her hair and her makeup artist Arielle Antoinette was standing behind her wearing a black face mask.

It all started when the 49-year-old dentist asked her makeup guru, “Arielle, you have a relationship question for Dr. Heavenly?” She responded: “Yes, so you’re dating someone new, and in your first couple of dates they wanna take you to the strip club. What does that mean?” The mother of three replied: “Well you know I don’t like no damn strip clubs. Ya’ll know that, right? So what I think is, when a man tries to take you to a strip club on the first few dates without even knowing you, I don’t think he has much respect for you. I mean, he taking you to some place with some hoes at. And not all of them, but some of them hoes.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes advises men to not take women to the strip club for a date. @dr_heavenly/Instagram

She added, “At the strip club, with somebody shaking they funky ass in your face naked, and that’s a date? No, he does not respect you if he taking you to a strip club.” She continued, “You do not need to go to a strip club on the second date with yo man or somebody you dating. Hmm, it’s a lack of respect. Now if he just think you just a person, a play thang, to have sex with, he trynna get you, he trynna get his self riled up so ya’ll can have sex. That’s what I think. And we ain’t giving away sex for free no mo’.”

Some people gravitated toward the video and expressed that they agreed with Dr. Heavenly’s philosophy. One user wrote: “No lies told💯,” while somebody else said, “definitely a red flag😂.”

But other people disagreed with her statement. Someone said, “2 Chainz said they are essential workers, but I’m going. H-ll we can make it a date night monthly,” followed by another person who argued, “Just because he takes you to a strip club doesn’t mean he doesn’t respect you. It could be a fun first date💯.”

Dr. Heavenly Kimes with her husband Dr. Damon Kimes. (Photo: @drdamonkimes/Instagram)

Although people voiced different opinions about her relationship guidance, some might say Dr. Heavenly is knowledgeable about love. The Georgia native and her husband Dr. Damon Kimes have been married for nearly 20 years and share their three children and three dogs together.

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