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‘Love and Light Sis’: Fans Gush Over Eva Marcille Speaking Words of Encouragement to Her Daughter Marley

Former “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Eva Marcille proves that she’s all about her kids and doing anything to keep them uplifted and confident. In a heartfelt video shared to her Instagram page on Aug. 13, the reality star was heard pouring positivity into her young daughter Marley before sending her off to school. 

“Good morning. You look adorable, Buggy. Did you want to wear your cowboy boots today?” the model is heard asking her daughter before saying, “You go have a blessed and beautiful day, and you remember you can do anything?” Marcille then tells her daughter to repeat after her. Shortly afterward, Marley is seen walking off but not before shouting out the title of Beyonce’s latest visual album “Black is King” in the post that has gained over 84,000 likes from fans.

Marcille accompanied the video with a still shot of the young girl in an adorable striped dress. “You are the sunshine of my life,” the star captioned the sweet post with lyrics from Stevie Wonder’s hit single, “You Are the Sunshine of My Life.” The mom continued, “That’s why I’ll always stay around, You are the apple of my eye, Forever you’ll stay in my heart. #Sterlings #MarleyRae # BlackisKing (By the way Marley is definitely a full member if not the leader of the young beehive be clear @Beyonce is her idol).”

Fans gushed over the precious moment, complementing the 5-year-old Marley on how adorable she looked. One fan wrote, “Marley makes me smile! Such a little lady! Great job mama!” A second fan seemingly agreed with Marcille’s form of parenting, stating, “Most definitely have to speak life in our children….” 

A third wrote, “Marley is gorge. Seems like such a sweet kid. Love her locks,” while another replied, “She is gorgeous😍… & her just walking around the staircase is the size of my whole house 😂 house is massive 😅♥️ xx.”

The model shares Marley with her ex, singer Kevin McCall. Marcille made headlines when she revealed that she wanted to give Marley the last name of her current husband, Michael Sterling. The model revealed that Marley didn’t know that Michael wasn’t her biological father seeing that he’s been a father to Marley since she was 15 months old. Furthermore, with Eva having full custody of her daughter, Michael went ahead and filed for a legal name change for Marley. 

During that Sunday, Jan. 19 episode of RHOA, Marcille showed quite the excitement over the name change. “She will officially be a Sterling, and no longer be a McCall. Oh my God, I’m so excited and nervous and terrified, all at the same time. I’m about to cry thinking about it; it’s such a big deal,” the mother of three expressed at the time.

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