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‘I’m Ready to See This’: Is Keke Palmer Thinking About Developing a Millennial Version of ‘The View’?

Keke Palmer posed a question to her fans that’s got lots of folks wondering whether she’s thinking about developing a new daytime talk show for people under 40.

The 26-year-old actress and singer has gotten her fair share of talk show experience between her own short-lived 2014 show on BET, “Just Keke,” and her term on the recently canceled “Good Morning America” spinoff “Strahan, Sara, & Keke.”

Keke Palmer is moving on after the cancellation of “Strahan, Sara, & Keke.” (Photo: @kekepalmer/Twitter)

It seems that the TV personality is really considering stepping into her hosting responsibilities and might be looking to continue them on a show all her own. She even went so far as taking it to the fans for a temperature check. “If I were to create a millnnial “The View”, who would you want to be my co-hosts?” she asked her Twitter followers, also noting that men would be welcome in her hypothetical cast.

Keke Palmer poses a question to her fans. @kekepalmer/Twitter

Fans threw out a slew of names of millennial and Gen Z personalities, including Ryan Destiny, Ari Lennox, Willow Smith, Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, and more.

“Chloe and Halle, Zendaya, Ari Lennox or Normani,” voted a fan.

“Whoever is well rounded enough to understand politics and entertainment like Yara Shahidi,” replied a second.

“Angela Rye as Moderator. Tamika Mallory could be the Sunny. You would be Joy and even though I dislike her Candace Owens is your Meghan McCaain,” a third listed.

“Listen when I say I’m ready to see this,” a fourth wrote.

“Willow,Issa. China, Tiffany haddish y’all at least gotta have two gen z or younger crowd won’t watch it,” noted a fifth.

Others, however, think Keke should switch it up completely by bringing on new, lesser-known talent with strong voices and personalities.

“Bring up new people it’s time to see new faces and interact with new personalities,” suggested a fan. “No more 90’s kids stars, wife to a star, middled aged women it’s all boring”

“Sis, you hiring? Let’s get some new talent and fresh perspectives,” another seconded.

Palmer’s dream talk show cast wouldn’t be another all-woman roundtable. @kekepalmer/Twitter

Regarding the cancellation of “Strahan, Sara, & Keke,” Palmer recently said she wasn’t caught as off-guard as some of her fans were when the news came down.

“[‘Strahan, Sara, & Keke’ was] really about fun conversations and lightheartedness. It’s a different time now … so some of the conversation has changed, and I think that just kind of pushed ‘SSK’ out, so I expected it,” she said during an interview last week with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live.”

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