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‘Stop Playing’: Fans Go Wild Over Tia Mowry-Hardrict’s Gray Hairline

Actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict is embracing her beautiful gray hairline. However, fans are in disbelief that the actress is 42. 

Earlier this week, the “Sister, Sister” star shared a photo on her Instagram account showing off her natural silver-gray hair. The actress sported gold jewelry and a cool gray sweater to complete her look. “This is me. 42,” she captioned the shot that has garnered over 400,000 likes.

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This is Me. 42 🙏🏽

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Fans gushed over the snap in the comment section, complimenting the mother of two over her stunning looks. However, fans weren’t buying that she was 42, including one user who questioned, “When did Tia turn 42?” The fan added, “Omg wow. We’ve literally been watching you grow your life. 42 and fabulous.”

Another fan was left in shock, asking, “How are you 42… weren’t you just teenage while I was?” The person added, “I’m only 42 lol I must’ve watched reruns.”

A third user wrote, “@tiamowry you are so beautiful. I absolutely love your gray hair. I’m embracing 40 as well.”

A fourth fan left some kind words of encouragement, saying, “Keep enjoy your gray hair that is called wisdom I been graying since I was 15 years old. I turned 58 on July 4th.” At the same time, another user chimed in, saying, “Thanks for keeping it real! IT’s refreshing to see and honest and honorable!!”

The “Twitches” star initially gave fans a peek into her gray hair transition back in April 2020 when she shared a selfie that showed the budding silver hair poking out from her roots. Soon afterward, the actress wrote about welcoming change, stating that “It’s a blessing to age.”

In the photo, Mowry-Hardrict had her head just above water sporting a fresh face. “#Grey hairs are signs of wisdom. #wrinkles are signs that you’ve laughed.  #strechmarks and stretched out stomachs are the beautiful miraculous signs of giving #birth,” the actress captioned the snap. She added, “No more perky boobs are the signs that you once fed your babies.  #Embrace it. Because getting older, growing older, being HERE is a #beautiful. 🙏🏽.”

Fans agreed with the star, including one fan who wrote, “A blessing Indeed to display the Wisdom gained over the years.” They added, “Thank you for speaking the Beautiful truth above. You Look Amazing!!❤️❤️❤️”

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