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Rapper Tyga Launches His Own Virtual Restaurant and Chicken Bites to Help U.S. Eateries During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 has forced just about every industry to change how it operates, with many brick-and-mortar businesses having to find ways to survive, including through online opportunities.

Many restaurants have been hard hit with challenges, as dining-in options for customers have been non-existent in some cases and altered in others as part of necessary social distancing measures. Rapper Tyga has come up with a solution that he hopes will help some of the nation’s restaurants during this difficult time.

Tyga started his own virtual restaurant and created his own chicken dish. (Photo: Dominique Charriau/WireImage via Getty Images)

TMZ reports that the rapper has launched a virtual restaurant called Tyga Bites. The menu includes bite-sized chicken that is baked, boneless and antibiotic-free. Flavors include lemon black pepper, black garlic, and peri-peri, with 12 options for sauces available. Tyga is promoting the chicken bites as a healthy food option.

Other bite-sized menu options include tater tots with the name “Tyga Tots” that come in regular flavor and sweet potato; and chocolate chip cookies. The “Taste” rapper is working with 500 restaurants and kitchens for his venture, while he and his company will train chefs on how to make the chicken bites.

For the nationwide delivery, Tyga teamed up with Grubhub, so his restaurant will be completely virtual with no physical locations at all.

“We started working on the idea before COVID,” he told the TMZ hosts. “And kind of, like, when COVID happened, seeing all the restaurants, all the independent restaurants that were, like, going out of business, because they weren’t able to have customers walk in and dine in.”

He added, “If you own a kitchen, if you own a restaurant, and you want to make extra money every month, we basically franchise Tyga Bites. For me it’s kind of safe too. I don’t have to deal with the headache of opening a restaurant, hiring staff, doing all that extra stuff. So it’s kind of, like, people that already have that in place, can just franchise it and do it themselves.”

In a Wednesday, July 29, Instagram post, Tyga posted a commercial for Tyga Bites that shows him in a kitchen with cooks as they prepare food. In that post, he includes a phone number that people can use if they want to try his chicken without a delivery cost.

“Wanna try it?! Tag a friend for a free deliver & text me 323-402-5545 👨🏽‍🍳🐯🍽,” he wrote.

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