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‘I’m Still In a Holding Pattern’: Nene Leakes Says Her Contract for Season 13 of ‘RHOA’ Is Still Being Negotiated

Nene Leakes is offering an update about her contract for “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” one week after her co-star Kandi Burruss announced that season 13 of the hit reality show is back in production.

On Wednesday, July 29, the 52-year-old reality star took to Instagram Live, where she asserted that her contract is still under negotiation and blamed the network for the delay. “I’m still in a holding pattern. Let me start there. And also, I wanna be able to say that, it’s not me, it’s them. Every single season when it ends for at least the last three to four seasons, I have been dealing with this going back and forth. It’s not me, it’s them,” she said.

Nene Leakes. (Photo: @neneleakes/Instagram)

“I know a lot of people think it’s me, ‘Nene holds out to the last minute. Nene’s holding out, Nene …’ That is not Nene. Nene is not doing that. A negotiation does take time, but I can’t move their pens any faster than they move them themselves or I can’t make their emails work.”

The OG housewife then proceeded to bring up certain complaints that she has received from the network and her cast mates. For instance, she claimed that her co-stars said they are tired of hearing her refer to herself as a “queen” and a “HBIC.” The owner of Swagg Boutique mentioned that she is a queen to her husband Gregg Leakes, her two children Brentt Leakes and Bryson Bryant, as well as a Black queen, explaining that she won’t stop using that term anytime soon.

Nene Leakes at the virtual “RHOA” reunion. (Photo): @neneleakes/Instagram

She also claimed that she was accused of hitting a producer on the show. Nene clarified that she grabbed the T-shirt of a camera operator and the T-shirt ripped. The television personality said the production company never took any legal action against her for that incident. Nene’s future on “RHOA” has been up in the air since she closed her computer and stormed out of part 2 of the virtual season 12 “RHOA” reunion.

She then went on to insinuate that the producers brought up her reunion antics while they were negotiating her contract. In response, she said at the 3:42 mark: “I closed my computer early and rightly so.” Nene explained that she was told by producers that a certain person could no longer film with her and that person showed up to the reunion. “I felt like … why do I need to be here? I have text messages and emails stating from you that this person isn’t allowed to be here,” she said at the 4:35 mark.

Yovanna Momplaisir (left), Nene Leakes (right). (Photos: @yovannamomplaisir/Instagram, @neneleakes/Instagram)

Without mentioning any names, Nene appeared to be referring to her former friend Yovanna Momplaisir. At the beginning of the season, Yovanna told Nene that she secretly recorded a conversation of their co-star Cynthia Bailey talking negatively about the “Glee” alum. Yovanna changed her story throughout the season and claimed Nene told her to secretly record conversations of the ladies.

Nene Leakes says her contract for season 13 of “RHOA” is still being negotiated. (Video: @theshadeofatlanta/Instagram)

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