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‘He Get Her a Car Every Year’: T.I. Shares Video of His Birthday Surprise to Wife Tiny Harris But Fans Aren’t Impressed

Social media users are urging T.I. to take his gift giving up a notch.

The “Live Your Life” rapper surprised his wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris with a brand- new car for her 45th birthday. He shared an Instagram video to his page on Tuesday, July 21 that showed the singer’s reaction to her latest gift.

T.I. gifts Tiny Harris with a new car. @troubleman31/Instagram

T.I. designed a clue trail for his wife to follow. He drove her to a gas station and grocery store to keep her from figuring out her gift. While the couple was inside shopping, valet pulled up outside with Tiny’s lavish red Bentley. She looked at the car and then ran to her husband and gave him a big hug.

“Still Poppin it Kid‼️” the father of six wrote. “Big Daddy da best at dis Birthday S–t Mane…ALL DAY She didn’t have a CLUE😂 Bwaaa-Haaa-Haaaa-Haaaaa🎂 20yrs straight‼️
😍It’s a blessing to be a blessing🥰 Happy Gday Killa @majorgirl 7/14♋️ Live it UP Love‼️YKWTFGO SUMMO&SUMMO…4EVA&EVA KID‼️”

Tiny seemed more than impressed with her new vehicle and responded to her husband in the comment section, “I still can’t believe it Big Daddy… I can’t thank you enough for just going out your way to make this surprise so perfect!! I love u Soooooooo much.. 💓.”


Although the “Understanding” songstress seemed ecstatic about her lavish gift, fans weren’t the least bit impressed.

“How many times this man gonna give her a car 😂,” one person quipped, referring to the custom convertible Benz T.I. bought his queen in 2018.

Another said, “He get her a car every year.”

“Damn Y’all don’t get tired of gettin cars as Gifts? 😩 spice it up tf” someone else wrote. Another fan added, “He done bought her bout 300 cars time for an island or something.”

Tiny Harris and T.I. @majorgirl/Instagram

Others were genuinely happy for Tiny.

T.I. also surprised the mother of four with a vacation getaway last week.

The happily married couple shared a romantic dinner by the beach for her special day. T.I. also penned his lovely wife a message that read, “Flew all the way to CoCo beach just to eat👑Happy Gday Mrs.H. Let’s show em how to Pop it Kid‼️Rock Solid Lock’d in type s–t threw da key away🔒 Now I just need a day to rock ya boat the Aaliyah way #HappyBirthdayQueen.”

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