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Retired NFL Player Chad Johnson Announces His Own Round of Stimulus Checks

It’s uncertain whether Americans will be receiving a second round of financial assistance. On Tuesday, June 23, President Donald Trump stated during an interview with Scripps national political editor Joe St. George that a second and “very generous” stimulus is on the way, with more details to be announced in a “couple of weeks.”

In the meantime, former NFL player Chad Johnson revealed that he would hand out a $245,000 stimulus of his own via the Cash App to those in need.

Chad Johnson to hand out a total of $245,000 via Cash App to those in need starting July 1. (Photo: Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

The former wide receiver declared the news to his 3.2 million Twitter followers on Tuesday, June 23. “I’m giving out stimulus checks July 1 if you have Cash App since Trump wants to keep playing games,” Johnson tweeted alongside a screenshot of his Cash App account displaying the money he intends to use.

Johnson followed that statement with another tweet questioning how people could live off of the original $1,200 stimulus check that the federal government gave out to ease the strain of the financial hardships caused by the pandemic. “How the f—K are people supposed to stretch $1200 for three months?” the retired athlete asked.

As expected, folks flocked to Johnson’s mentions eager to take the athlete up on his offer, including Twitter user David Igwegbe, an international student going into his final year in pharmacy school, who attached his Go Fund Me account to Johnson’s original tweet. “Anything would be greatly appreciated,” Igwegbe tweeted in response to Johnson’s tweet. 

Another user tweeted, “Bless me! I own daycare, and we can use some snacks lol $TheRainaAlexis.”

The generous offer comes a month after Johnson left a liberal tip at a restaurant in Florida. On May 18, 2020, Johnson shared a photo on Twitter showing that he had left a $1,000 tip on a $37.40 bill from a restaurant called Havana’s Cuban Cuisine in Copper City, Florida. 

The father of four and frequent patron at the eatery left a sweet message on the bill that read, “Congrats on re-opening, sorry about the pandemic, hope this helps.” 

Catalia Garces, the server, told the Florida news station WSVN at the time that she was a Colombian immigrant and mother of two. 

“To have to survive the pandemic with two months of not working, I feel very happy to receive such a generous tip from the former NFL star,” Garces told the news outlet through an interpreter. “Thank you, I love you, Ochocinco, my friend.” The server also revealed that she split the tip with everyone in the restaurant 

Garces said that Johnson left before she had the chance to thank him and was hoping he’d see the story and know how thankful she was for his generosity. 

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