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Wiz Khalifa Receives Backlash After Tweet Suggests He’s Done Wearing Masks During COVID-19

Every day the world continues to learn about the ever-changing novel coronavirus. Safety measures were implemented to reduce the risk of catching or spreading the deadly virus that, as of June 24, had claimed the lives of more than 120,000 people in the United States alone, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

The CDC firmly advises that people wash their hands often, practice social distancing, and wear cloth face covers when out in public. These steps have been the new normal since March, but rapper Wiz Khalifa is seemingly over the restrictions after tweeting on Tuesday, June 23, “Y’all can have them masks fam.”

Over 1,000 users reacted to Khalifa’s tweet, many disappointed in the message that the rapper might be sending to fans during the pandemic. 

Twitter user Sarah Nicole replied to the Khalifa’s tweets, saying, “If you actually mean what you’re saying, I’ve lost all respect for you.” She added, “I’m super high risk because I’m immunocompromised. Seeing you say something like that essentially puts a sense of fear into my mind because you’re endangering my life without a care.” The response received over 100 likes. 

Another tweeted, “This ain’t it fam” and attached a GIF of singer Rihanna looking concerned as she rolled up her car window. 

Others pleaded with the “We Dem Boyz” rapper to reconsider his stance and continue to wear a mask, while others suggested that he delete the post altogether.

“It’s not too late to delete this bro… they finna drag you. It’s your right to do whatever but a LOT of folks ain’t gonna feel you because they momma or dad died and they gonna be on yo a–,” another user tweeted. “Then you gonna be trending for the wrong thing.”

“Hella irresponsible message, especially since Black & Brown’ fam’ may be more susceptible to contracting and becoming seriously ill from COVID,” was yet another shot at Khalifa. 

A CDC report from April showed that COVID-19 has disproportionately affected people in Black and Hispanic communities. The findings also suggested that those communities coronavirus risks are compounded by higher rates of underlying health problems, which are often caused by economic and social conditions that leave many with comparatively less access to proper health care to address said issues.

Without proper resources, it can become more difficult for people to follow steps to avoid getting sick with COVID-19 or pursue treatment if they do contract the illness. 

While Khalifa did not address his critics, the rapper posted a follow-up tweet giving viewers an update on his life. “Thank god I’m able to shoot a real video today. One step closer to seeing boobies in the club,” the rapper tweeted.

Cases continue to grow in the United States despite many states reopening, reducing the chances Khalifa will be in anyone’s club soon, with or without a mask. 

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