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‘Black Ink Crew: Chicago’ Star Phor Brumfield Causes an Uproar After He Compares Black-on-Black Crime to BLM Movement

Black Ink Crew: Chicago” actor Phor Brumfield is currently facing backlash for his recent remarks about the Black Lives Matter movement.

The reality star reposted an article clipping on Instagram on Monday, June 22 that stated over 100 people were reportedly shot over Father’s Day weekend in Chicago.

Phor Brumfield
Phor Brumfield speaks on Black on Black crime. @phoreverim/Instagram

Brumfield was upset over the shootings in his hometown and suggested that the Black community should be just as outraged over Black-on-Black crime as they are over police brutality killings.

“We say “BLACK LIVES MATTER “ but we the ones killing eachother …how you expect them to care about us when we not setting any good examples of how we want to be treated ???” the Chicago rapper wrote. “White man kill a black man we ready to go war black man kill a black man we look it like it’s normal cuz it is it’s going on EVERYDAY sh-t has to stop TODAY it has to start with us #4P.”

A slew of social media users disagreed with Brumfield’s remarks and asserted that he was wrong for comparing the two social issues.

Phor Brumfield
Phor Brumfield. @phoreverim/Instagram

“BLM has nothing to do with black on black crime. When white ppl kill other white people, ITS JUST CRIME. Proximity has everything to do with this. Someone is more likely to kill those of their own neighborhood, city, etc. its not a hard concept,” an upset fan commented.

Another person also slammed Brumfield for his remarks and said, “Here we go! One has nothing to do with the other. Black lives matter is not about crime. It’s about law enforcement hunting innocent black men and women. Now post an article about how many white people killed white people over the weekend. Done be apart of the problem. Use your platform for good and decide what side you are on.”


Others empathized with the star and understood his perspective. “This is absolutely the truth, make it count across the board “BLACK LIVES MATTER” not just when the white cops kill our people in the street,” a user concurred. ” A 10yr old girl got shot in the head yesterday in Cleveland😢, Just Senseless!”

Another user agreed and added, “Y’all not tired of shooting one another?? This is tiring 😪. #WegotToDoBetter #EndGunViolence. We have to change within our own communities.. 😭 this is sad.”

Brumfield has yet to address the backlash he’s received on his comments.

He currently stars on VH1 show “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” and joined the series in 2015. In a May 6 post, he claimed he was quitting reality television and wrote: “No more Rappin ,tattooing, or reality tv Phor me 🤷🏾‍♂️… i Picked up my first corporate job & it pays great 💯 nothing wrong w a man working a desk job it comes w benefits 🏦 👨🏾‍💻 #4P #lunchonhotrod.” However, he’s rumored to be appearing on the show’s new season in premiering in July.

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