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Jordan Peele to Donate $1 Million Across Five Organizations That He Believes Are ‘Essential to the Health and Lives of Black People’

Jordan Peele wants to do his part to help the betterment of the Black community, as the United States and other countries force people to deal with racism through a slew of seemingly effective protests.

On Wednesday, June 10, Peele announced on Instagram that he’s splitting a $1 million donation across five organizations that he believes are crucial to the well-being of Black folks. The funds will be given through his company Monkeypaw Productions.

Jordan Peele donated $1 million across five organizations that help Black people. (Photo: Tim Mosenfelder / Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

The organizations Peele chose are, Black Lives Matter, Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, Equal Justice Initiative, Fair Fight, and Transgender Gender-Variant & Intersex Justice Project.

As Black Lives Matter previously has been ruled in court to be a social movement rather than a formal organization, it is not clear from Peele’s announcement what entity he is intending to donate to.

“Jordan Peele and Monkeypaw Productions are proud to donate $1 million across five organizations we see as essential to the health and lives of Black people,” Jordan wrote. “We are committed to continued action against a system rooted in the violence against and oppression of the Black community.”

People commended Peele for the donation, while one person said he inspired him to give.

“Just doing what needs to be done.. no noise, just action!” wrote one of Peele’s followers.

“Next pay day I’m donating to each org. Thanks for the info,” someone else let him know.

There were others who commented on the organizations that Peele chose.

“You donating to a Black trans org tells me all I need to know,” one person wrote. “You’re a f—–g real one, Jordan! Thank you for supporting and uplifting ALL Black lives. You’re one of a kind! ✊🏽”

Peele didn’t just donate money toward the cause of fighting racism, he’s fighting it by saying he’d work with British actor John Boyega.

Earlier this month, Boyega gave a speech at a Black Lives Matter rally in London’s Hyde Park that went viral.

“We have always been important,” said the “Star Wars” actor through a megaphone. “We have always meant something. We have always succeeded regardless, and now is the time. I ain’t waiting, I ain’t waiting.”

Boyega said later in the speech that he wasn’t sure if his decision not to remain silent about racism would cost him his career.

Peele acknowledged that concern on June 3 by writing, “We got you, John.”

Other directors, like Matthew A. Cherry, creator of the Oscar-winning animated short “Hair Love,” also said he’d work with Boyega. Cherry then encouraged non-Black directors to do the same.


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