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‘I’m at Harvard Online’: Tamar Braxton Reveals She’s Taking Courses After Meg Thee Stallion Encourages Education

Meg Thee Stallion not only has fans feeling cool to embrace “Hot Girl Summer,” the MC is also influencing her followers to pursue a higher education.

The Houston native took to her Twitter on Friday, June 12, to tell fans that pursuing higher education matters, for we need “GOOD people” as lawyers, doctors, etc.

“Although school is not for everyone, do not let people discourage you from pursuing a higher education,” she tweeted.

“We need the upcoming generation with better mindsets to become our next lawyers, judges, doctors, etc. We need GOOD people with real morals and values in high places.”

The Shade Room screen-shotted “Braxton Family Values” reality star Tamar Braxton’s response to Meg Thee Stallion’s tweet on pursuing higher education. @theshadeRoom/Instagram

Hot Girl Meg’s tweet garnered over 70,000 retweets and 244,000 likes. The 25-year-old’s followers weren’t the only ones responding to her tweet.

“Braxton Family Values” reality diva Tamar Braxton did as well, writing, “Yes, I’m at Harvard online,” hashtagging “#levelup” and “#comewithme.”

The Shade Room screen-shotted Braxton’s comment, but Braxton’s statement derailed when social media users took swipes at her announcement. Harvard Online is a series of free extension courses offered by the Ivy League university.

“Err body go to Harvard now 🌚😑 it’s turning into a community college for celebs 🥴.”

“You are not the upcoming generation, Tamar.”

“Every celebrity can get into Harvard just bc of their status 😂.”

“That’s the fake Harvard. Anybody can get in.”

“You can pay to get into Harvard nowadays, but congrats 🎉.”

“Just say you in school, must you say Harvard.”

“Harvard, a community college for celebs at this point.”

“Tamar, sit down.”

Fans of the reality star and songstress decided to defend her against the hecklers.

“Stop college education bashing get your degrees ladies & gents. Black women are the most educated in the United States don’t let these ‘entrepreneurs’ and those without high school diploma question why you are college. They are simply WEAK!”

“D– y’all some haters.”

“Black educated women 🙏🏽🖤.”

“I love when black queens level up …. oh, I thought I heard Karen say sumn.”

“Something no one can take away is knowledge.”

“That’s right; it’s never too late to keep going.”

“Yasss sis! Don’t let my IG fool ya. I’m headed to nursing school with all As 💅🏽💅🏽💅🏽.”

“Yes, ma’am, you’re never too old Idgaf if you’re 60 ima still be proud of my black Queens and Kings !!”

“Y’all knocking Tamar’s online enrollment like she’s not going to have a DEGREE at the end of it. Keep relying on your flat tummy tea commission and onesie dropshipping plan tho 😂.”

Meg Thee Stallion takes a selfie while self-quarantining in April. @theestallion/Instagram

Despite the naysayers, the 43-year-old seems proud of her step and clapped back at haters in The Shade Room comments section, writing: “I’m so sorry y’all that it’s a big deal to me that I want to better myself. I didn’t get an invite, i signed up like you possibly can. I am so hard on myself and considering what I’ve been through, I am proud to do something for me… I’m not better than anyone, I’m Just saying join me in loving you a little bit more.”

The “Savage” MC herself is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in health administration at Texas Southern University.

The Stallion is quoted saying in a Vulture April 2019 interview that she wants to “create a facility for people who are older to go and have somebody help them with their end-of-life care.”

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