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‘Standing with You’: Ryan Destiny Seemingly Hints That She Was Mistreated on ‘Star’ and Encourages Young Black Women to Speak Out Against Discrimination

Ryan Destiny, who is best known for her role as Alexandra Crane on the now-canceled Fox television show “Star,” recently sent a message to young Black women in Hollywood. On Thursday, June 4, Destiny posted a lengthy message on Instagram to encourage young people to speak out against discrimination in the workplace.

Reflecting on a time when she was mistreated on set, she wrote: “This message is to my fellow black sisters in particular… This goes for any career or work space but I’m speaking from my own experience.”

“If you are just now entering Hollywood in any form or plan to… and at some point experience discrimination, appropriation, racism, colorism, microaggression even if sometimes sadly by your own people…speak up for yourself. I didn’t do that. Not nearly as much as I should have. Educate yourself even more. I didn’t do not. The times I wanted to perfectly articulate exactly how I felt but didn’t know how, frustrated me. Do not continue to “brush it off” to keep a “job” or to not piss off “powerful” people. You. Hold. Your. Own. Damn. Power. KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. You do not NEED anyone who contributes to the ongoing passive, tolerated behavior of the white favored industry,” she added.

Ryan Destiny encourages young black women to speak out against discrimination in the workplace. @ryandestiny/Instagram

The 25-year-old Destiny implied that she was mistreated during her three-season stint on the musical drama television series. Film producer Lee Daniels and playwright Tom Donaghy created “Star” in 2016. Fox series went off the air in 2019.

When a fan asked Destiny when the show was returning, she replied: “GIRL. READ THE ROOM.” She later went on to explain that the show was not coming back. “Wether the show is cancelled or not. This entire post is calling it out issues within it. So to all accounts, DO NOT keep asking me when it’s coming back. It’s not. At this point, I’ve spelled it out for you.”

Ryan Destiny insinuates that she was discriminated against at “Star.” @ryandestiny/Instagram

Over 70,000 fans reacted to her open letter, and some 800 people in the comments applauded the Detroit native for speaking her truth.

@ryandestiny that “by your own people” part hit home 👀💯💯.”

“& that’s on period 🤎🤎🤎 thank you queen.”

“👏🏾. 👏🏾. 👏🏾 ♥️♥️♥️ YOU ARE THE CHANGE.”

“👏🏽 💪🏽 Love you Ry! Speak out and don’t fear. Standing with you.”

Ryan Destiny revealed that Amber Patrice Riley inspired her to speak up. @MsAmberPRiley/Twitter

Destiny revealed on Twitter that “Glee” star Amber Patrice Riley inspired her to tell her story. On Wednesday, June 3, Riley opened up about her experiences on set as an African-American actress. On Friday, June 5, Riley’s co-star Samantha Ware took to Twitter to call out Lea Michelle, the former lead actress on “Glee,” for making her life a “living hell.”

Ryan Destiny. @ryandestiny/Instagram

As of late, Black celebrities are opening up about discrimination in Hollywood by using the hashtag #unMUTEny on social media. The purpose is to end racism on sets.


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