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‘This Is the Look Ma’am’: Tamar Braxton’s Curly Hair Leaves Fans In Love

Tamar Braxton has a new hairstyle, and her fans are totally in love. The singer-songwriter flaunted her new ’do in an Instagram video on Monday, June 1. Rocking a head full of sandy brown curls, the 43-year-old Braxton hinted that she was going to dish about her new reality show in addition to the nationwide racial justice protests in a video on her YouTube channel.

Braxton, a host of the VH1 series “To Catch a Beautician,” sat beside her co-host and celebrity hairstylist Johnny Wright in the clip. At the beginning of the video, Wright appeared to be talking to someone in the background.

Tamar Braxton shows off her sandy brown curls. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton said, “Hello! Soooo … I just hopped on real fast to tell you guys we’re gonna head over to ‘Tamar Takes.’ We’re not going to be broadcasting live on my Instagram. As a matter of fact, I’m getting ready to hang up right now and join us — this fool [Johnny Wright] — on ‘Tamar Takes’ on YouTube right now. We got a lot to discuss, and it ain’t just about no hair weave.” Wright said, “It’s definitely not this time.” Braxton concluded, “All right, I’ll see ya’ll in two minutes. Go to ‘Tamar Takes’ YouTube live. Bye.”

Braxton’s announcement received over 100,000 views and nearly 400 comments of people obsessing over her curls.

“This hair fits you.”

“Fav hairstyle ever on u❤️.”

“LOVE your hair.”

“Beautiful picture of you Tamar; your hair is beautiful 😍.”

“Yasssss hair😍.”

“This hair girl!! 💁‍♀️.”

“Loving this curly hair on you. Looks great! ❤️.”

“This is THE LOOK ma’am 💪🏾😍🥰.”

Tamar Braxton with no hair. @tamarbraxton/Instagram

Braxton changes her hair quite often. The reality star of “Braxton Family Values” broke societal norms and shaved her head in 2018. At the time, Braxton was going through a divorce with music producer Vincent Herbert. Some fans suspected that her drastic hair transformation symbolized a fresh start in her life. But in an Instagram post from May 25, Braxton reiterated her comments from two years ago in saying that she shaved her head because she was tired of the world telling her that she only looked beautiful when she wore hair pieces.

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