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‘He Can’t be Serious’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Ceaser Emanuel Accused of Not Caring About Social Injustice After Posting This

Welp, it looks like Ceaser Emanuel is in the hot seat this week.

The “Black Ink Crew” star recently riled up Instagram users after he posted a photo of himself instead of the current issues inflaming the Black community. On Sunday, May 31, Emanuel took to Instagram and posted a snapshot from his latest photo shoot.

Yandy Smith
Ceaser Emanuel posing for a photo shoot. @ceaseremanuel/Instagram

The photo showed the tattoo artist sporting form-fitting jeans, sneakers and a black sweatshirt. Many of his fans disapproved his post and felt he should have used his platform to bring awareness to the protests and the slayings of Black Americans, not promote himself.

“The whole country in a crisis, and this nigga taking pictures 🤦🏾‍♀️🤣,” said one person. “I’m unfollowing”

“You doing a photo shoot when you should be using your platform to speak on what’s going on in your community and culture!! Very sad,” a second user wrote.

A third follower added, “Maaan he can’t be serious…we need to hear your voice pleaseee you are a black man.”

Someone else commented, “Do you not see what’s happening!!!!! Wow how disappointing! Your voice went silent huh! What a shame!”

Emanuel’s photo shoot post comes nearly a week after he received backlash for showing support toward his friend Sky Days as she continues to face backlash for her current drama with her two sons.

Ceaser Emanue
Ceaser Emanuels shares pic of himself and Sky Days. @ceaserblackink/Instagram

He shared a throwback photo of himself and Days on Monday, May 25, and wrote in his caption, “I don’t care if the whole world hated you…. I love you for LIFE #imissyou #ceaserblackink”

Days appreciated the New York native for his support and responded, “Love you Bro!! Miss you more”

Although Emanuel’s post was appreciated by Days, his Instagram followers had mixed reactions.

“You should be speaking some sense into her cause the sh-t she say online Wild af smh,” someone wrote.

One fan even suggested Emanuel seek professional help for Days, writing, “🤮 i’m sorry but she needs help. Who talks to their kids like dat? Naww i’m not supportin some one like her”

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