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‘She Needs Help!’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Slap Down Ceaser Emanuel’s Touching Post to Sky Days

Ceaser Emanuel is currently under fire for supporting his friend and fellow cast member Sky Days.

The “Black Ink Crew” star took to Instagram on Monday, May 25, and shared a throwback photo of himself and Days. He also posted a heartwarming message suggesting that he loved and supported the mother of two despite what critics say about her.

Ceaser Emanue
Ceaser Emanuel with Sky Days. @ceaserblackink/Instagram

“I don’t care if the whole world hated you…. I love you for LIFE #imissyou #ceaserblackink,” Emanuel wrote.

However, because of Days’ current drama with her two sons, fans felt Emanuel’s post was inappropriate.

“You should be speaking some sense into her cause the sh-t she say online Wild af smh”

“I disagree Ceas. It’s disgusting that a mother could speak to her own like that”

“🤮 i’m sorry but she needs help. Who talks to their kids like dat? Naww i’m not supportin some one like her”

“if you really loved her you’d get her some help”

During season 8 of “Black Ink Crew,” which ended in April, Days got into an explosive altercation with her youngest son Dessalines in episode 17. The fracas led to her supposed suspension from the VH1 series and a lot of backlash from viewers. She also said some pretty hurtful words to her 20-year-old son and tried to physically attack him.

In April, Days publicly disowned Dessalines and her eldest son Genesis, 21. When a fan on Instagram brought up her strained relationship with her children, Days replied, “I don’t have any kids ❤️.”

Sky Days
(From left) Dessalines, Genesis, Sky Days. (Photos: @g_heffner/Instagram, VH1 screen grab)

Her remark sparked an intense backlash from IG users.

“I was so disappointed in what she said to her son and I’m another myself no matter how mad I get at my 3 yr old daughter I would never let what she said come out of my mouth,” said one fan.

Another added, “She’s been social distancing from her kids since birth. She’s a f–king disgusting a– human being 🙄”

Days gave her two sons up for adoption when she was a teenager. She reunited with her children during season 4, but failed to keep in contact with them after the show’s finale, according to Dessalines and Genesis.

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