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‘Kenya’s a Compulsive Liar’: Marlo Hampton Responds to Kenya Moore Calling Her ‘Broke’

Marlo Hampton hit back at her “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” co-star Kenya Moore for insinuating that she was poor. At the beginning of the year, Moore made a debut on HipHollywood, where she was asked to play a game called Broke or Balling? During the interview, Moore described Hampton as broke.

“I mean there are… there are episodes where she has holes in her shoes. Okay, so I don’t know what that means but if you walking around with the flap of your shoes flapping, I would say broke. And you saw how scarcely decorated that party was, so mhmm, I’m thinking broke,” Moore explained to the reporter about Hampton.

Marlo Hampton (L) and Kenya Moore (R) (Photos): @marlohampton/Instagram, @thekenyamoore/Instagram

Hampton addressed Moore’s accusations in an exclusive interview with Atlanta Black Star that dates back to March. “I just told you she was a clown. She should really be in a circus. She’s so funny. Oh my God. Kenya’s funny. Um.. I don’t think Kenya probably understood what the interviewer was asking. I’m thinking when she said, “holes” she was referring to Kenya’s marriage probably has holes in it,” Hampton said.

“So I just know.. we have to pray for Kenya because she has a lot of holes in her marriage right now. Kenya’s a compulsive liar, everything’s calculated. Um.. you just don’t know who she really is. She feels bad about not being so successful in her acting days to where I feel that she’s acting. It’s like hey this is reality, this is our real life on this show, no one’s acting. What you see is what you get,” she added.

“So sometimes I feel she goes back from you know… being a C-actress and really thriving to wanna be an actress at heart. And she keeps failing everything. Failing her marriage, failing her career…you know so… I feel bad for her though,” she concluded.

Hampton and Moore have been feuding for quite some time. Moore crashed Hampton’s wig line launch event on the Dec. 8 episode of “RHOA.” Moore, the founder of her self-titled haircare line, walked into Hampton’s party with a marching band in an effort to promote her Kenya Moore Haircare products. Hampton was upset at Moore for ruining her event. It’s unclear if Hampton and Moore ever will resolve their beef.

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