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‘Not Covid Red Toni’: Toni Braxton Slays an Effortless Beauty Look

Living legend Toni Braxton keeps her foot on necks with her flawless face and effortless beauty photos on the ’Gram.

Even while sheltering in place during the pandemic, the “You’re Making Me High” singer has fans fawning over her simple makeup looks.

With just a set of impressive eyelashes, her “newest lip color concoction Covid red,” and a pair of hoop earrings, the 52-year-old has fans doing a double take and laughing all at the same time.

Singer Toni Braxton woos fans with her killer looks and ‘covid red’ lips. @tonibraxton/Instagram

“Not covid red Toni Lmao. 😂😍,” wrote one person, clearly tickled by the caption of the singer’s latest photo on social media.

“She saiiiiddd covid red….hahaha i cant! It’s beautiful toni ❤️”

“red always looks good on you sis!!!!♥️♥️♥️”


“Ummm any color you wear is beautiful because you are!” commented another.

Although Braxton wooed fans with her red lip, most were singing a different tune when she attempted to rock colored lashes in February.

“I just came from a photo shoot, and my glam squad said let’s try something different, let’s put some hair in, let’s put some of the new color craze that’s the new eye high-fashion thing. What do you guys think? I mean, I think it’s kind of fun and fresh,” said the singer in a video showing off her red lined eyes and matching lashes.

“No sis .. you’re a classic! You don’t need to keep with the trend,” wrote one person.

“It don’t look good, Toni. Leave it for the younger generation,” commented another.

“Nope. Looks like illness.”

Fans can only imagine what Braxton’s wedding day glam will look like if her nuptials to rapper Birdman actually take place this year.

“You know we have gone back and forth on wedding dates. We had a great date, but then it was getting too big and we didn’t want a big wedding, then we said we don’t want it too small, but then he said, ‘OK, let’s do the drive-thru.’ And I’m like, ‘We are not doing a drive-thru, I am not ordering fries after we get married. We’re not doing it,’” said Braxton while on the “Rick and Sasha” morning radio show. “So we have been trying to figure it out, but we are definitely gonna do it this year.”

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