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‘Dr A Is So Annoyed’: Fans Tease Mariah Huq for Irking Her Husband

Mariah Huq was full of energy on Sunday, May 3, but her husband, Dr. Aydin Huq was not here for her shenanigans. Mariah posted a video on Instagram of her and her hubby — both reality stars from “Married to Medicine” — taking a joy ride to Kroger.

Aydin was driving while the 41-year-old Mariah was dancing to the music playing through the speakers. Aydin, an emergency medicine physician in the suburbs of Atlanta, seemed annoyed at his wife for turning up in the car.

The video began with Mariah screaming “Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye, Aye” at the camera as her husband was trying to get her attention. The native of Bangladesh told his wife, “There’s Idris Elba, look.. look. You’re not listening. Are you listening?” She responded, “Aye, Uh-huh I’m dancing. Aye, Aye.” Throughout the 28-second-clip, Mariah was swinging her hair back and forth while yelling, “Aye” as her husband continued to try to talk to her.

Mariah Huq riding in the car with her husband Aydin Huq (Photo): @iluvmariah/Instagram

Mariah finally addressed Aydin, but the clip ended with the television executive producer saying, “I just want to dance. Whoa Whoa. Aye Aye. We riding, we riding. Aye”

Mariah, a native of Chattanooga, sensed her spouse’s irritation from her dancing. She wrote in her caption, “We be on different wave lengths sometimes. I just wanted to dance🤷🏾‍♀️.” Fans thought the husband-wife duo were hysterical, and teased Mariah for upsetting her man.

“How come Aydin doesn’t want to dance this time?🤣🤣 He is always dancing🤭.”

“Looks like you aggravated your husband.”

“Aydin’s facial expression is priceless.”

“Dr A is so annoyed 🤣😂😭😂.”

“This is what marriage is all about, just having fun @iluvmariah 💙.”

“🤣🤣🤣🤣 I luv you Mariah! She said I am dancing 😩.”

“That shit is rude. He’ll get tired of the rude attention seeking soon enough. 😔.”

“😂😂😂😂😂 you’re not listening.”

Mariah and Aydin Huq (Photo): @iluvmariah/Instagram

Like most people these days, Mariah revealed in her comments that the pandemic was negatively affecting Aydin’s attitude. “I think this Covid is making him on edge. My boo need a break. I try to keep it light & fun,” she explained to a fan.

Mariah could be showing off their relationship on social media because there is a possibility that they will not be returning to the hit reality show in Season 8. Mariah shared in an Instagram video that dates back to April 8 that at that time she had not received her contract for the upcoming season.

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