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‘Lex Is Ur Twin Not Cyn’s’: Joe Budden Fans Stunned By How Much 2-Year-Old Son Looks Like Him In His Childhood Photo

After a lot of discussion about who Joe Budden and Cyn Santana‘s son looked more alike, fans came to the conclusion that the toddler is a carbon copy of his dad.

On Monday, May 4, Budden took to Instagram and shared a throwback photo that showed him and his father, Joseph Budden, posing together. He captioned the post, “Oldschool Mouse.” The rapper was clearly a child when the image was taken and his young looks reminded fans of his 2-year-old son Lexington Budden.

Joe Budden
Joe Budden (L) and his father Joseph Budden (R) @joebudden/Instagram

“I always thought Lex looked like Cyn, but after seeing this 🤯”

“Lex is your twin ❤️! Recreate this with your son”

“Lex looks exactly like you 🙌🏼. He look like his mom too tho”

“Damn Lex is ur twin not Cyn’s”

“Love this photo. Lex and Trey really looks like you”

Budden’s eldest son Trey Budden, 18, commented on his father’s post and wrote, “im finna get the grandpa budden beard.” The retired rapper responded, “you not ready for that lol”


The “State of the Culture” talk show host and his ex-fiancée Santana welcomed baby Lexington in December 2017.

Last August, Joe Budden suggested the 27-year-old model was keeping their son away from him. He tweeted on August 13, “I miss my son so much…. gotta go thru it tho… again”

Joe Budden
Lexington Budden, Cyn Santana and Joe Budden @cynsantana/Instagram

After receiving backlash, Santana later addressed Budden’s tweet in a statement and wrote at the time, “Lol y’all think I give a damn about what complete strangers with ZERO information have to say about me as it pertains to my son? Y’all don’t know a SINGLE thing about anything. I’ve kept it like that on purpose sis. Y’all stay blessed and protected tho.”

Despite the drama, in August, Budden and Santana appeared to be back on good terms. In December, social users even speculated the pair were back together after they celebrated their son’s birthday together.

Santana later shut down reconciliation rumors after she confirmed she was single. She tweeted on Jan. 15, “This single shit is so wack. I am tired of feeding and bathing myself lol.”

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