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‘Y’all Think I Give a Damn’: Cyn Santana Claps Back at Haters Amid Rumors She Won’t Let Joe Budden See Their Son

Love and Hip-Hop: New York” star Cyn Santana has broken her silence amid claims that she’s refusing to let ex- fiancé Joe Budden see their son.

The reality TV couple broke off their engagement in May after Budden was accused of cheating on his then-lover, and things have only gotten messier in the the month’s since. This is despite the fact that the former couple has remained largely hush-hush about their failed romance.

Last week, Budden, 38, sent social media into a tizzy when he posted about how much he was missing  his son, sparking rumors that Santana, 26, was keeping the child from him. The pair welcomed a son, Lexington Budden, back in 2017.

“I miss my son so much…. gotta go thru it tho… again,” the “Pump it Up” rapper wrote.

Backlash was swift, and fans wasted no time blasting the “Love and Hip-Hop” starlet for allegedly keeping the baby from his dad. On Wednesday, Santana took to social media to silence her haters and let them know she didn’t care what they thought about her and Budden’s situation.

“Lol y’all think I give a damn about what complete strangers with ZERO information have to say about me as it pertains to my son?” she tweeted. “Y’all don’t know a SINGLE thing about anything. I’ve kept it like that on purpose sis. Y’all stay blessed and protected tho.”

Cyn Santana

(Twitter screenshot / Cyn Santana)

In response to a fan, Santana said the latest criticisms were “tatics” designed to bring her down. Still, she vowed to push past the haters.

“Girl, it’s all a scam and quite boring and quite repetitive at this point,” she added. “Gonna just ignore the ignorant and continue to live my life peacefully like I have been.”

Fans commended Santana for taking the high road.

“Pay them no mind!” one person commented. “You’re a great mom! Hard-working and passionate. That’s amazing. YOU DOPE!”

“Really respect how you moving!!” another added. “Keep pushing mama! You got this!”

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