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‘The Comeback Is Stronger’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Days Seemingly Hits Back at Critics for ‘Deadbeat Mom’ Comments

It looks like Sky Days won’t be backing down from social media trolls anytime soon.

The “Black Ink Crew” star seemingly fired back at folks calling her a bad mother due to the recent drama with her sons. On Monday, April 27, she took to Instagram and posted a photo that showed her posing on an all-terrain vehicle.

Sky Days
Sky Days. @flyyytattedsky/Instagram

With a scowl on her face and her boots covered in mud, Days wrote in her caption, “🏍Knock me down 9 times but I get up 10 💯”

Fans believed the “Black Ink” star was addressing those who had criticized her as a parent.

“Only the strong survive 💪🏽 f–k what these haters got to say”

“All facts no CAP. The comeback is always ten times stronger then the setback…”

“Yooo her comments been crazy with folks calling her a dead mom and s–t but damn she a human smh”

“That’s right Sky who are they to judge you and take up for Des and Genesis”

Two weeks ago, Days infuriated social media users and “Black Ink Crew” fans after she publicly disowned her two sons Dessalines, 20, and Genesis, 21.

Underneath a video post of the television personality relaxing on a boat in Miami, a user brought up her absentee relationship with children. The person commented, “I bet she didnt even check up on her kids during this plandemic. Smh.”

Sky Days
(From left) Dessalines, Genesis and Sky Days. (Photos: @g_heffner/Instagram, VH1 screen grab)

Days responded, “I don’t have any kids ❤️.” Her remarks sparked a lot of controversy on her post.

“She’s been social distancing from her kids since birth. She’s a f–king disgusting ass human being 🙄”

“I was so disappointed in what she said to her son and I’m another myself no matter how mad I get at my 3 yr old daughter I would never let what she said come out of my mouth”

“The same kids that have you a story line last season 🤔 the ones you made money off of so they not yo kids? Deadbeat mom”

Around 14 or 15 years old, Days gave her two sons up for adoption because she was unable to take care of them at the time, according to what she said on the show. She reunited with her kids three seasons ago, but all did not go well. She’s currently at odds with her children due to a recent falling-out.

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