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‘Nobody Wants Her’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Member Walter Repudiates Tati’s Accusation That He Slid Into Her DMs

It looks like “Black Ink Crew” star Walter Miller is denying Tati‘s infidelity claims about him.

On last week’s episode, Tati accused her fellow cast member of making a pass at her behind his fiancée Jessica’s back. She said on the show, “I didn’t want to say it, but now that we’re actually here I can’t keep it to myself. Walter all the way be sliding in my DMs. He was like ‘I heard you got some good p—y,’ which is like, yes, I know, duh.” To make matters worse, Tati made these accusations against Walt just days before he and Jessica were supposed to tie the knot.

Walter and Tati. (Photos: VH1 screen grabs)

Following the episode, on April 24, a Twitter user tweeted Miller and wrote, “Why would you dm that sh-t to that big mouth b–ch Tati. That’s like digging your own grave you know she messy.”

Walter Miller. @da_wizrd

The “Black Ink” employee retweeted the fan and suggested Tati was lying. He wrote, “Niggas believe anything.” He then added on April 26 in a separate tweet, “I NEVER tried to throw dirt on anyone name to come up or get ahead.”

Walter not only slapped down Tati’s accusations, but his fiancée Jessica did as well. She retweeted the April 20 episode of Tati and called her, “Desperate & Dry.” Jessica also wrote, “Everything starts with the foundation… @da_Wizrd We Good Baby #blackinkcrew”


While it’s clear Jessica doesn’t believe a word Tati said about Walt, “Black Ink Crew” viewers had mixed reactions.

Jessica and Walt. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

“It’s time for Tati to go!,she doesn’t have any role on the show she is very messy says Drunk all the time tati adds nothing to the show at all jumping out of anyone’s Bed so the Question is Why is she on the show.”

“Shes just mad because nobody wants her smh”

“Just hateful. These women need to get their sh-t together. Jess and Walt be happy and let them watch from the outside.”

“Exactly, tell her to show the DMs. I’m surprised Donna & Bae weren’t smart enough to ask her to show them the messages. Lying heifer…”

Tati claimed she had “receipts” of Miller trying to shoot his shot at her, but she has yet to provide any proof.

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